A Working Place From An Old Wardrobe

Do you have an old wardrobe which is quite good, not broken, but just looks old-fashioned? Or maybe a closet that is not used? Why not give them a new job? An old closet can be transformed into a stylish and compact working place.

How to Create a Desk from Old Wardrobe

Before beginning work, remove the shelves of the cabinet and rub them with small-grained sandpaper. Remove the abrasive dust from the surface. Coat the surface of the wardrobe with roller, profiles – with the help of brush. Then cover the wardrobe with a varnish of your favorite colors. For this purpose, acrylic lacquers will be the most suitable ones.

Paint Roller

For processing rounded sections, use an abrasive sponge, which can be purchased at the construction market.

Take an old drawer and do the same process. Under its dimensions screw guide planks under the shelves, so that the shelf can slide in and out.

After the varnish dries, assemble all the parts, and organize a place for the computer at the height of about 72cm. Drill a hole in the back wall of the wardrobe for the wires. On the doors or the walls of the wardrobe, attach a few hooks on screws, on which you can hang pictures or accessories. If you need more shelves, you can order custom-designed shelves from glued plywood. Screw the planks into the wardrobe and put the shelves on them.

Tips on Making Working Place from Old Wardrobe

Here are some tips on how to glue properly: Spread the paste, following the instructions of the manufacturer. It will be ready in 20 minutes. Apply it with a brush onto the wallpaper. If you diluted not all of the powder, put the remaining dry glue into an air- and moisture-tight container for storage.

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