Ways of Using Mint in Your Home Décor

Mint Interior Design
As you might know, emerald green was chosen to be the Pantone Color of 2013. However, it is not the only shade of green that dominates in interior design this year, including soft green. Mint green allows bringing chic and fresh touches to home interior. We prepared useful tips on embracing mint green in your home décor.

How to Use Mint in Interior Design


Mint is quite a versatile hue when used in home décor. By mixing it with darker shades like a dark brown, mint makes up a perfect contrast to it. If you decide to use mint alone, it will bring a fresh touch to plain white.

Mint Interior Design Dinning Room

Hints of Mint

Small elements in mint color are great for creating a focal point, which will draw everyone’s attention. Since it is vibrant and refreshing, you eyes will be definitely gladdened by looking at it. Consider a bedroom headboard in mint green: this way it will stand out without being too flashy. Mint is an elegant way to add a splash of color to dull décor since it doesn’t look too bold.

Mint Interior Design Living Room


Mint is the type of color that works best in rooms with a good lighting, this way it evokes associations with a breezy spring season. When utilized in a well-lit room, mint can energize and warm up a space, what makes it an ideal zone for relaxation and meditating.

Mint Interior Design Bedroom

Combine Mint with Metallic

I recommend combining metallic with mint, what creates a striking and bold effect. This mix best works for a kitchen. When matched against the metallic shining surface, mint looks cool and fresh.

Mint Interior Design Kitchen

Mix with Bold Hues

Besides metal, mint can be ideally blended with dark and bright shades. Consider combining mint with bold coral instead of traditional alternatives like simple white and beige, which proves that bright colors could work with other bright hues for creating a statement and original interior. If you plan to couple mint with bright shade, ensure the two colors don’t clash. It is better bringing small touches of bright colors against an entire mint wall.

Mint Interior Design Living Room

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