Vivacious Patchwork in Interior Design

This bright, colorful and pepper-upper “pieced work” will always be in need. Patchwork has existed for centuries in all the known cultures. Sincerely, I don’t know the nation that wouldn’t use the elements of patchwork. I dare to say it might have always been the thing that joined all of us, people, together. Well, I’m getting too deep into philosophy. My point is to draw your attention, dear reader, to this amazing art – named “patchwork” in the frames of “interior design”. Today patchwork is not just about sewing pieces of various fabrics together. The idea of patchwork spreads in all spheres related to design and decoration.

How to Use Patchwork Conception in Interior Design

1) Combination of variously colored and shaped tiles. It reminds me some of Moroccan and Mediterranean styles. I think the result is stunning.

Moroccan traditional architecture

Moroccan traditional architecture


But you can start with the simplest option – choose classic square tiles (5×5 inch). They may have the same size and structure, but different colors. Bright and funny colorы (red, yellow, blue) look especially good when combined with white and light tints of beige.

2) So called “arabesques” are the tiles of unusual shape manufactured out of various materials and by various means. For instance: brick ware, handmade tiles from porcelaneous chamotte and so on.

Determine the spot where you want to put your patchwork tile. It is not recommended using handmade tile for flooring since the handmade burning process doesn’t guarantee sturdy tiles that are the must for flooring.

The most popular place for patchwork tile is bathroom. Here you can bring to life the most bizarre ideas of yours.
Tiles can be used not only for walls and floor. By picking up the right size you may apply it to anything you want and slightly revive standard and boring pieces of interior.

Of course, the chastity of style and colors is very elegant and is the sign of a good taste, but the Patchwork’s surge of colors and emotions is so refreshing. Seems like you won’t be able to feel depressed in this kind of interior. It’s a pure color therapy.

Patchwork pillows

Patchwork pillows



  1. catchyeye says:

    Oh, I love the stairs! It looks amazing! I wish I could have smthing like this, I’m afraid this kindа work costs a lot..

  2. JessySpency says:

    I wouldn’t say so…. i applied some of this kind of tiles at my home all i got different kinds of them at the fliemarket! There were some remains left so i just picked the one i liked

  3. JessySpency says:

    Anyways, to me it looks quite easy, if you good with handcrafting..

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