Types of Swimming Pool Decks

Swimming Pool Decks
Supplying your above-ground pool with a nice deck is an ideal alternative for creating a lovely living space where you can sunbathe and relax in between the swimming procedures. Nowadays pool decks are equipped with benches, arbors, decent lighting, flowerpots and other elements. These elements could be created from distinct materials like vinyl, wood, etc. Generally pool decks are constructed at the same height as the pool and it is about 4 feet to 6 feet above the ground. Make sure to install some kind of railing to prevent people from falling. We present you the most widespread types of decks for above-ground pools.

Types of Decks for Above-Ground Pools

Full Surround Deck

An often used type of the pool deck is a full surround deck, which encircles a pool. As a rule these decks have an oval or round shape, which allows effective replicating a pool’s shape and concealing the walls of the pool.

Swimming Pool Decks

Besides, a full surround deck allows entering a pool from different directions. In order to make it more functional, consider setting up a few sets of steps that will lead to the deck. As for the cost, this type of decks tends to be more costly than side decks since a lot of materials are used for their construction as well as supports when comparing to the traditional decks.

Side Deck

Side decks border with above-ground pools, but from a certain side. Usually side decks are made in the shapes of squares, crescents, rounds and octagonals, which serve as an area for attaching a pool ladder. With this type of deck you shouldn’t count on more than one point of entry into the water and one set of stairs to the deck. When compared to the full-surround decks, side decks are much easier to construct and are less expensive, and yet can accommodate a lot of items for a full-fledged rest.

Swimming Pool Deck

Combination Deck

The combination deck blends a full surround deck and the side deck, which are attached to each other. This way you will have an easy access to your pool from different points. Besides it allows covering the pool sides, while a spacious neighboring area provides a place for outdoor furniture, deckchairs, a grill, etc. Sometimes combination decks stretch from a back porch, thus allowing a direct pass to the pool.

Swimming Pool Decks

Above-Ground Pool Decks


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