Trendy Neon in Your Home Interior? Hands Down!

Neon in Home Decor Pink Coverlet Bedroom Bed
Neon was a huge thing back in 80s. Starting from that period it tends to emerge, but in a more subdued way and for shorter periods of time. Neon is perfect for bringing accents to your home interior design. Nowadays neon is back to fashion: it is used both in high fashion and in home interior design.

However, this time designers tend to mete it out and use it for making accents rather than creating an entire interior in bold neon shades. Let’s figure out what are the ways of embracing a neon trend in your home interior design.

Ideas of Bringing Neon to Home Interior Design

Consider proceeding to creating an interior in neon shades from choosing appropriate furniture pieces and decorative elements. Before deciding to paint all the walls in neon shades, it is better to try bringing neon-colored furniture to your home interior and see whether you like observing a bright splash of color on regular basis. Besides, it can serve as a focal point of an entire room.

Neon in Home Decor Green Cupboard Artwork

Neon Green Cupboard

It is better to finish up with the room decoration first and then completing it with neon accessories. Keep in mind that neon will create a beautiful impression only when used in a spread out lodging.

An ideal option is blending neons with other neon shades. This way your interior will look fresh, but not overload. Another alternative is teaming different shades of the same neon color in one room. For instance, a light green rug will match lemon yellow flowers on curtains.

Neon in Home Interior Design: Pink Chairs, Orange Wall, Purple Couch, Blue Armchairs

Neon Pink and Orange in Dining Room Interior. Neon Purple, Blue and Green in Living Room Interior

If you have a dark-colored room, you might vivify its interior using neon accents: when used against dark shades, neon stands out in a chic and stylish way. The same principle works with the neutral background, ideally white.

Retro is the first association that comes to our mind when we think about neon. Consider using elements like a retro-styled clock or plastic chairs with retro feel.

Neon in Home Interior Design: Neon Pink Couch

Neon Pink Couch in Living Room

In case you are not experienced in combining different prints and patterns, it is preferable to use one-color accessories and decorative elements.

Avoid using neon signs like the ones you often see in a bar in your home décor. This is not a right element for creating a vibrant and fresh atmosphere in your room.

Neon in Home Interior Design: Dining Room with Neon Chairs

Neon Plastic Chairs in Dining Room

In fact, neon gamma goes beyond light green and lemon yellow. Consider colors like violet, orange, blue, purple, etc.

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