Top 5 Most Interesting Chairs

All of us love to cuddle up in the evenings in a comfy chair with a cup of hot coffee, just in time for the start of your favorite TV show. But despite your wish to use the chair only for your own convenience, it can also serve you as an interesting and stylish addition to your interior.

This list was made up by the following criteria:

  • Design
  • Comfort
  • Functionality
  • Ability to fit into any interior

5 unusual chairs

№5: vintage armchair from Alessandro Mendini.

Top 5 Most Interesting Chairs

An interesting design of this armchair will guarantee to catch your guests’ eyes.

Pluses: Extraordinary design, softness

Minuses: Won’t fit everywhere; the risk of getting it dirty/broken (not many places where you can fix those problems for such an unusual armchair)

№4: Winter armchair by Aga Brzostek

Top 5 Most Interesting Chairs

A must-have piece of furniture with a warm plaid

Pluses: functional, extremely cozy

Minuses: the dirty grey colour and the material doesn’t exactly fit into my understanding of a stylish one. Can fit greatly into a country cottage, but most likely not into a modern design.

№3: suitcase chair by Katie Thompson

Top 5 Most Interesting Chairs

A lovely armchair that you can actually make yourself with an old suitcase and armchair, plus patience and fantasy

Pluses: a very gentle and tender, yet interesting and unusual design, very soft and comfortable

Minuses: the “dangerous” white colour

№2: chair inside a chair by Flavio Scalzo

Top 5 Most Interesting Chairs

A very simple, but at the same time stylish chair made in black and white colours. Very helpful when you don’t have a little table beside you for your glass of wine

Pluses:will fit into almost any interior, functionality, stylish design, easy cleaning

Minuses: risk of getting scratches

№1: wooden bookshelf-chair

Top 5 Most Interesting Chairs

The leader of the chart is this amazing wooden bookshelf-chair. Not only is it made of polished wood and pleasant to the eye, but it is also a great place to store your favorite readings (admit it, sometimes you’re too lazy to get up and get that book).

Pluses: A neutral and pleasant design (because of the soft, light color); functionality; easy to get off the dirt; after a while, the color of the wood may get only better; can fit into almost any interior

Minuses: May be a bit too hard for some people, but can easily be fixed by putting a cushion under yourself

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