Top 5 Most Interesting Desks

A desk is a necessity in probably every home, no matter what you do for a living. Just before you start disagreeing, think about the positive psychological effect a correctly chosen desk has: it can be a place for the storage of your papers and stationary (less mess around the house) and it can help you concentrate on your work, since sitting at a desk immediately gives you the feeling that you must start working.

The criteria for choosing the most interesting tables are the following:

  1. 1) Design
  2. 2) Amount of space on the surface
  3. 3) Functionality
  4. 4) Ability to fit into any interior

Top 5 Lust-Worthy Desks

№5 L’Orchidee Desk by Marc Fish

Top 5 Most Interesting Desks: Wooden Desk

Top 5 Most Interesting Desks: Wooden Desk

At first sight, this wooden desk looks like a strange installation with a futuristic shade. But at a closer look, you can see that the desk “pulls” out, along with little boxes for some stationary.

Pluses: Very unusual design; luxurious polished wood; due to the combination of a traditional wooden furniture and the metallic legs can fit into most interiors.

Minuses: Can easily earn scratches on the surface; the space is enough only to do some writing; no storage shelves.

№4 Desk Work from Really Messy

Top 5 Most Interesting Desks: Multifunctional Desk

Top 5 Most Interesting Desks: Multifunctional Desk

This simple gray wooden desk is the perfect choice for offices or apartments in a contemporary look.

Pluses: Classical design; neutral shade; a lot of shelves for all those office supplies; enough space on surface

Minuses: A huge minus that pulls this table down to the 4th place is the fact that it will be extremely hard to keep your desktop organized, since the shelves don’t have a door to hide your papers and stationery, so you just stuff your things into the storage with the most available space.

№3 K Workstation by MisoSoupDesign

Top 5 Most Interesting Desks

Multi-functionality is the key criteria for choosing almost any product, and that’s probably the idea that the designers from MisoSoupDesign had when making this bookshelf/desk.

Pluses: 2 in 1; fits in any interior; interesting curves in the design

Minuses: difficult to move around the room or house (because not everywhere will you find room for both a bookshelf and a desk); too little surface on the desk, enough space either for a laptop only, or for a couple of small notebooks.


Treasury Table by Lucie Koldová

Top 5 Most Interesting Desks: Bookshelf/Desk

The desk with a simple yet stylish design and the largest quantity of shelves in this list.

Pluses: As mentioned before, a huge amount of storage space (over 10 shelves); even though it has a lot of shelves, it is not bulky and most probably not heavy; doesn’t take much space in the room; enough space on surface

Minuses: A too simple design for some interior styles (for example, bohemian, baroque etc)

№ 1 Covet Desk by Shin Azumi

Top 5 Most Interesting Desks: Stylish Desk

Top 5 Most Interesting Desks: Stylish Desk

The leader of this “chart” is this wooden desk by the Japanese designer Shin Azumi, that combines all of our criteria.

Pluses: this desk is made of light wood and the surface is covered by glass, which give the table a light and free mood, rather than heavy desks from solid oak; the little storage has just the right amount of space for your basic stationery; the shelves under the table are a perfect place for all the files; since there is enough space on the surface, you can put some papers and cups with pens on it without making a mess.

Minuses: glass is fragile and transparent, so be careful and keep it clean.

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