Top 5 Ideas For Easter Decoration

Easter Decoration Ideas: Egg Wrath

Easter is traditionally one of the favorite holidays, so making every Easter special is a must-do for every one of us. Make Easter egg hunt fun, cook a delicious Easter meal and make Easter Sunday unforgettable by adding a creative touch to the celebrations and decorating your house for the holiday. Your imagination, sense of style and beauty will surely help while creating decorative pieces to impress your family and friends.
We can hardly imagine Easter without eggs, so making an Easter egg a center piece of your decoration ensemble is the best possible idea. For decoration you can use chicken and wooden eggs. The later will surely last longer but they are not suitable for some kinds of Easter decorations.

Best Easter Home Decor Ideas

Easter Egg Garland

Easter Decoration Ideas: Egg Garland

Who said you can’t have a colorful decorative garland for Easter? Use blown out eggs pained in different colors and decorated with beads, pieces of fabric or buttons, string them with a ribbon and create a fabulous table centerpiece decoration or decorate walls, mirrors, doors and mantels.

Easter Egg Candles

Easter Decoration Ideas: Egg Candles

Besides being the main Easter motive, eggs can also be used as a means of illumination. Cute egg shaped candles in pastel colors will look great both as a part of an Easter table centerpiece or as an independent decoration item. Besides just being lovely, these candles look delicate and even romantic

Easter Egg Vase

Easter Decoration Ideas: Egg Vase

We just can’t imagine Easter without beautiful spring flowers and you should surely have them on your dinner table. If so, why not have flowers in an egg-shaped vase? Such a vase is practical and can be used throughout the year both to keep flowers in it, and to decorate your mantel, coffee table, or shelves.

Easter Eggs & Flowers Umbrella

Easter Decoration Ideas: Umbrella Door Decor

You’ve probably seen flowers and eggs wraths decorating your friends’ doors before so to avoid copying their last season’s ideas create this unique spring door decoration by putting flowers and blown out painted eggs in an umbrella. This beautiful flower “vase” doesn’t need any additional investments but your creativity. Take an old umbrella, real or silk flowers, a ribbon, several blown out eggs, paper egg nests, and just arrange them according to your taste.  Use the ribbon to hold the pieces of the “bouquet” together.

Wheat Grass Table Centerpiece

Easter Decoration Ideas Wheat Grass Table Centerpiece

Having a table centerpiece makes every meal special. One of our favorite ideas that can be used for many party occasions is a wheat grass centerpiece. Add different details to make your table centerpiece beautiful and appropriate for this or that occasion. As to Easter, chocolate bunnies, eggs (both egg shells and wooden ones will do), real and silk flowers, paper carrots, sweets and even small candles can be used for decoration. Note that wheat seeds take about ten days to sprout.

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