How To Choose a Carpet or Rug

Carpets and rugs are needed not only to create coziness in the house, but also to absorb sound, and, therefore, reduces the level of noise in the room. Rugs and carpets excellently retain heat in the room and improve the microclimate in the house. In addition, it is simply pleasant to walk on carpets or rugs and impossible to slip.

Choosing Right Carpet or Rug

Here are 10 tips on how to choose a carpet based on various rooms:

1. For the hallways, artificial carpets on rubber basis are the most suitable ones. Choose carpets with patterns, since they will help to hide the unwanted spots. These kinds of mats last for a long time.

2. In majority of cases, bedroom floors are laid over with woolen carpets with long bristles around. Thanks to such a carpet, the bedroom will be comfy. In addition, this carpet will absorb noise.

3. In children’s and living room, carpets with little piles are the best choice. These carpets are more durable. In addition, they leave barely noticeable traces of furniture on themselves.

4. Those who wish to lay rugs in the bathroom, should know that it is necessary to choose cotton, synthetic mats with a cellular rubber basis.

5. Small carpets should be of bright color. All the little mats designed for one bedroom should be of the same type. The best places for such rugs are near the couch, fireplace and armchairs.

6. Carpets, the size of which exceed 2.5 meters, strongly attract your guests’ eye. If you want all the attention to go to the carpet, then you know what size to choose.

7. For light rooms (on the Southern sides), it is best to select carpets of cold tones.

8. Carpets of warm colors fit perfectly into dark rooms.

9. Keep in mind that carpets with patterns are only suitable for the spacious rooms, and if the room is crammed with furniture, the pattern on the carpet will only irritate the eye.

10. Carpets will look nice if they match the color of the floor. But this rule is not applicable if your floors are dark. In this case, choose colors that will contrast to each other.

Guide on Choosing Carpet or Rug

Guide on Choosing Carpet or Rug

Guide on Choosing Carpet or Rug

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