Everything You Should Know about Swimming Pool Decks

Pool Deck

Swimming pool is probably the most popular type of a summer entertainment and a way to cool down during the sultry summer days. A pool deck will make up an ideal area for sunbathing, relaxing and even eating after swimming. Besides it can become a perfect lounge area for throwing crazy pool parties.

Things to Consider When Setting Up Pool Decks

Opt for Wood

The most popular material in creating pool decks is wood, which allows creating a warm and cozy ambiance where you can relax after a hard day. Opt for solid types of wood like redwood, pine and cedar, which guarantee a classy and strong surface.

Pool Deck

As a rule deck replicate a shape of a swimming pool, but the most widespread shape of a deck is a rectangle. However there is a myriad of options in terms of shapes, width, etc. Moreover, you can opt for a multitier deck in case you have an above-ground swimming pool.

Decks for Built-In Pools

Built-in swimming pools guarantee a simple access to the pool. A place by the pool could be used as a lounge area with a sofa set, a table and deckchairs.

Pool Deck

Built-In Benches

Built-in benches could also work for swimming pool decks as they make up a perfect area for resting and can even replace outdoor furniture.

Built-In Bench

Sun Shed

A sun awning is a key element of any area that adjoins a swimming pool since it provides a protection from injurious sun rays and creates perfect conditions for healthy sunbathing. While different umbrellas remain the most practical and budget-friendly option, a pergola is a classy option that allows adding a character to your deck area.

Pool Sun Shed

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