A Shower Unit vs. A Bath Tub (in a one bathroom house)

Designing small spaces is one of the most challenging tasks for an amateur designer. We’re taught to try to use every inch of space to make it both beautiful and useful. It’s especially true for modern bathrooms that are often really small with barely any space left once you have a bath tub installed. Naturally, many of us opt for showers-only.

So, do shower units have any other advantages over traditional bath tubs apart from saving space in the bathroom? And are there any disadvantages of having a shower unit instead of a tub in a one bathroom house?

Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Shower Unit vs. A Bath Tub

A bathroom design with a modern bath tub and a shower unit

A modern bath tub and a shower enclosure

First of all, we need to say that the best possible scenario is to have two bathrooms in your house so that you can have both a shower enclosure and a tub. As we’re talking about one bathroom houses the first thing to mention is free space. Modern shower units come in various designs, and you can find one that best suits your bathroom measurements. On the contrary, modern design bath tubs usually require a lot of space.
A Shower unit in modern design bathroom

A minimalistic shower unit

As to the design, both tubs and shower units (shower stalls, shower enclosures, and shower cabinets) are quite beautiful and can even be custom made to meet your requirements. Likewise, both tubs and shower units can add beauty to your bathroom.

Another advantage of a shower enclosure is that it keeps the bathroom floor dry. In case of a shower bath your floor is 90% likely to get wet every time you shower, as to the enclosures, all the water remains inside them. The same can be said about steam, as while taking steam baths in shower enclosures steam never escapes to the general space of the bathroom.

Black shower enclosure for a hi-tech bathroom

A sleek shower unit for a modern bathroom

As to the disadvantages of shower units, there are some we need to mention.

Firstly, beautifully designed shower units of different kind can be quite expensive.

Fixing a shower unit is not an easy task, either. You must fix it right, glue it right and let it dry for the proper amount of time to avoid water escaping the unit and filling the bathroom.

A modern design bathtub in romantically decorated bathroom

A romantic bathroom decoration

If you’re a fan of romantic baths with candles and bubbles, there’s no way you can like to have a shower-only unit in your bathroom instead of a bathtub.

Tubs are infinitely preferable for families with little kids, simply because it’s easier to bathe a small child in a tub that in a shower unit.

And one more thing, if you’re planning to sell your house, you need to keep in mind that buyers generally prefer tubs rather than showers-only in one bathroom houses, which can lead to your losing some of the resale value. In this case a combo unit with a bathtub and plumbing above the tub for showering represents the best compromise between tubs and shower units.

assymentrical bathtub in a modern bathroom

Beautifully designed bathroom with an asymmetrical bath tub


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    Great article! My personal preference is a bath tub over a shower.

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