How to Set Up Walk In Closet

Walk-in Wardrobe (Closet)
Contemporary houses tend to be equipped with walk-in closets. They are intended for keeping your clothing, shoes and accessories, what allows to save a lot of living space. We present you useful tips on setting up the walk in closets.

Tips on setting up a walk in closet


It often happens that walk in closets are not equipped with a sufficient number of lamps, that’s why you should give special attention to lighting, especially considering the fact that generally they don’t have windows. Stay away from the hanging chandeliers since they can interfere while getting changed.

Walk-in Wardrobe (Closet)


Mirrors placed across the wals in wardrobe not only allow to visually enlarging space, but also give you an opportunity to view yourself from different angles. One of the options is a cupboard with a mirror: it will both conceal your belongings from the prying eyes and allow seeing a full-length reflection.



Despite the fact that a walk in wardrobe is a big closet itself, it is still necessary to install at least one cupboard with closing doors. It is necessary for storing small items like socks, belts, ties, handkerchiefs, etc. In case your wardrobe is big enough, consider placing there a toilet table for storing perfume, jewelry and accessories.

Walk-in Wardrobe (Closet)


In case you have to share your walk in closet with someone else, consider equipping it with a screen that will protect you from other’s eyes. Today there is a great range of screens offered in the market that vary in terms of styles, colors and sizes, so you will easily find the one that will ideally match the style of your room. However this option is not for you if your room is not spacious enough.

Walk-in Wardrobe (Closet)

Color palette

Usually walk in wardrobes are colored in light neutral shades and have a minimalistic design. Besides, as a rule they are not overloaded with details in order not to interfere you from such an important process as finding a perfect outfit.

Walk-in Wardrobe (Closet)

Walk in closets ideas

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