How to Add Bold Neon to Different Rooms

According to leading interior designers, neon suits best small rooms like bathrooms. However you may use trendy neons in an interior design of a kid’s bedroom, kitchen and even in a living room with our simple rules. Neons allow bringing a statement to your room since they are utterly bold and powerful. If you are not afraid of experimenting with your home interior design and want to keep up with the latest interior design trends 2013, dare to bring chic neon into your home interior.

How to Use Neon in Rooms

Neon in Bathroom

Bathroom is probably the only room, which neon colors suit the best way. Moreover, you can paint an entire bathroom in a certain neon color for a fun and original feel. In case it is way too much for you, consider using items like rugs, soap dishes, window treatments, etc. In fact, with a bathroom décor you can let your imagination loose and mix and match different patterns, hues or even paint your sink in neon green.

How to Use Neon in Interior: Bathroom Neon Green Yellow

Neon Yellow Bathroom Walls. Neon Green Bathtub

Neon in Kid’s Room

Since they are bright, dynamic and attention-grabbing, there are no better colors for a kid’s bedroom or playroom than neons. Even though your child will love an ideal of being surrounded by neon-colored elements, it is important to restrict yourself otherwise you risk getting a gaudy area. So, consider using neon just for accentuating the rest of the décor, which should be performed in neutral palette. Balance is essential!

How to Use Neon in Interior: Kid's Room Neon Green Yellow

Neon Pink Cupboard in Kid’s Bedroom

Neon in Bedroom

Even though there is a general rule of avoiding neon in a bedroom interior design, there are exceptions from these rules. Simply keep the major part of the interior design in subdued colors like white, beige or gray and use just hints of neon. This way your bedroom will still remain a perfect area for relaxation and yet acquire an energetic vibe.

Neon in Interior Design: Purple Bedroom

Purple Bedroom

Neon in Kitchen

Some may conclude that neon hues and kitchen are impossible to marry and this is partly true. We used to think that the basic features of any kitchen are functionality, simple design and expansion. However, just like in the previous cases, a few hints of neon shade won’t hurt. You will be surprised to see that in a moment your kitchen area will brighten up.

How to Use Neon in Interior: Kitchen Orange Bar Chairs

Orange Bar Chairs


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