How to Organize Big Storage in Small Space

It appears that most of us, especially females, love to collect things. The question “do we really need them?” is usually pops out when we figure that there is no free space left for the next not very needful stuff. I suppose this problem is crucial for those who live in small condos. In this case you have two obvious options: get rid of all those things or find a way to keep them. We studied some recent trends in interior design and came up with the following ideas on setting up a storage room in small space.

Some Tips on Managing Storage Rooms in Small Space

#1. No wardrobe, just curtains. In case you have a small room and no space for large-scale furniture this seems to be a perfect idea. All you have to do is equipping the walls and may be the ceilings with beams. The rods and curtains replace the closet. This way you can save your space and a significant amount of money, which can be spent on buying new clothes. The best thing about it, I think, is that you can select and swap the curtains easily any time you want. Besides, by doing this, you can change the whole design of your room.

Space Saving Closet

Space Saving Closet

Use Curtains instead of doors in closet

Use Curtains instead of doors

#2. Use your clothes as the essential element of the interior design. Why do you actually have to hide your clothes? Why don’t just use them as one of the major accent in your interior. Your clothes are the part of your individuality, as well as an interior of your room. Why not to join these two parts of your unique personality and show it off? However you might need some plastic bags to protect your clothes from dusting.

Clothes as Part of Interior Design

Clothes as Part of Interior Design

Clothes and Interior Design

Clothes and Interior Design

#3. Boxes, Saratoga trunks, luggage bags and racks. Maybe this option is not the best one, since you still need to find places for boxes and etc, but at least this way you will not need as much space as you do for the full-fledge closet. These items can not only store your things, but also lighten up your room. All you have to do is to choose the right color, the right size and the right shape.

Boxes as Shelves

Boxes as Shelves

Racks, boxes and walls for storing shoes

Racks, boxes and walls for storing shoes

Rhianna Coehn from Netherlands created these cute original stool+trunk. They look very stylish, fit in any modern interior and occupy very small space, which is essential.

Rhianna Coehn's stools

Rhianna Coehn’s stools


  1. Kicky says:

    I gotta use this tips, i live in a small condo and got so sick of my stuff stucked in every corner

  2. Eva says:

    I glad you got some ideas

  3. JessySpency says:

    leaving clothes as they are… making it a part of interior? Hmmm I don’t think so… that means i gotta pick my clothes the way the will match the room.. That’s hilarious!

  4. Eva says:

    Well, it’s just an option… may be you can leave some clothes that match the room the most.. and use the curtain for the rest of them

  5. Rocky says:

    Yeahh… absolutely positive with ! leaving your clothes simply hanging so everybody can see it.. don’t like that idea

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