Modern Kitchen Interior Styles: Minimalism, Neoclassicism and Ecolux

Minimalistic kitchen
Planning maintenance of your kitchen? Consider 3 style directions that will make an interior of your kitchen appear modern and original. However I should mention that implementing these ideas will worth you a bundle. Let’s take a look at 3 most actual ideas for modern kitchen interior.

Trendy Styles Kitchen Interior


Modern kitchens are distinguished with big floor space and are often combined with a dining or living room. Kitchen in minimalistic style are created for spacious premises. As for furniture, consider opting for a ready-built kitchen with simple lines, which will serve you for a long time.

Kitchen in Minimalistic Style

When it comes to décor of such kitchen, it is essential not to overload it with needless items – use only bare essentials. Minimalism could be compared to style high tech, since it also accepts ready-built kitchens with laconic design that allow to conceal cooking implements behind the plain flexible panels.


Just like with a minimalistic style, neoclassicism ideally suits wide spaces. Besides, this style requires proportional premises and favors symmetry. Two types of furniture are specific for a kitchen in a neoclassicism style: slightly fanciful furniture sets with a complicated ornate décor and touches of gold, and more moderate alternatives. As a rule kitchen sets in neoclassic style are custom made from natural wood in natural shades like black, brown, white and grey.

Kitchen in Neoclassic Style


In ecolux kitchen interior should be used only ecologically clean materials. Forget about budget-friendly chipboards; style ecolux recognizes only natural wood with a minimal handling. Moreover, this style welcomes small imperfections like knots and small inequalities. As you could guess, a tabletop should be also made from a natural stone. In general, interior of ecolux kitchen is distinguished with simple lines and certain ascetism.

Kitchen in Ecolux Style

One more thing to mention – in ecolux kitchen everything should be directed on a rational use of natural resources, so don’t forget to set up a faucet with a small with low water pressure, air vent of small capacity, etc.

Modern Kitchen Interior Ideas

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