Meet Japanese curtains

Each year, the popularity of Eastern culture is rising more and more. Nowadays, you often see oriental interiors, rather than, for instance, hi-tech, especially Japanese-styled interiors. The basics of any Japanese-styled interiors are wood (ideally – bamboo), relaxing and dimmed colours, low beds and a minimum of furniture. But what we’re going to examine today, are Japanese curtains.

Modest Beauty of Japanese Curtains

Japanese curtain look excellent on large and wide windows, since there has to be a lot of those curtains to make them noticeable and do their work on making your interior as interesting, stylish and modern as possible.

Japanese curtains are panels of a certain width (60cm), which are made of natural fabrics, such as silk, cotton, bamboo, linen, as well as from transparent and lung tissue. In the making of Japanese curtains decorative boards, fixing the upper and lower linen, are used. The panel can be combined, combining heavy and light fabrics (linen, cotton, silk), which will give the usual interior some mystery and uniqueness. The most popular Japanese curtains are of hemp fabric, cotton or silk.

The best colors for such curtains are soft and calm ones, such as white, blue, beige, salmon pink. These unusual colors will make your interior harmonious and pure. A great and quite easy way to give your room an oriental look will be by using Japanese pictures and patterns (hieroglyphs, Sakura, birds etc). You can also order exclusive curtains, designed by your preferences. Japanese curtains don’t fold, so do not be afraid that your pattern will somehow be distorted.

Japanese curtains in Interior Design

Japanese curtains in Interior Design

Japanese curtains in Interior Design

Besides being a worthy decoration for windows, they can also serve as stylish partitions.

The great thing about Japanese curtains is that you can wash them in a washing machine on a delicate mode with a special little bag, and little stains come off easily with a brush or a wet sponge.

The only disadvantage of these kinds of curtains is that they look nice and effective only on large windows and only in roomy places. So if you are choosing Japanese curtains for exactly these kinds of places, be sure that they will look good in any room and interior.

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