Meet Italian curtains

Italy has always been a trendsetter of fashion, including interior designs. Coming from the times of Baroque, Italian curtains always pointed out the good taste of the owner and emphasized the elegance of the interior.

The best way these curtains look in the living rooms and bedrooms with high ceilings and large windows, in expensive hotels and restaurants. Often curtains adorn arches and doorways, making the space and atmosphere really soft.

Italian curtains

Italian curtains look expressive in fabrics of bright, juicy colors. The exception would only be semi-transparent and too light fabrics. If the blinds have linings, they can be decorated with fringes.

Italian blinds are two curtains that are not fully separated, elegantly catch up on the ropes and are fastened diagonally from the edge to the end of the ledge. When lifting the curtains, the upper part remains practically unchanged.

Often cloths, decorative pillows, covers on chairs sewn using the same fabrics and materials, are used as an addition to Italian curtains. They unite all of the decorations of the interior and are an example of a correct design, thought out to the smallest detail.

These curtains are so convenient, that they look good in any interior of any style. They are often choices for country houses, because they give the place a cozy and soft feeling. Just by hanging Italian curtains in your home, you can immediately make the place look richer and luxurious.

Due to their majestic look, they will look unsuitable in a little apartment with small windows and low ceilings. In addition, they can only heap up the view of the room.

Meet...Italian curtains

Meet...Italian curtains



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