French Curtains in Your Interior Design

French blinds or French curtains represent transparent curtains with numerous folds, they can certainly be called luxurious. Because of their universal elegance, they will look good in any interior. This is an integral part of a classic interior. In theaters, large halls and schools, where we’re used to see these magic blinds, they create the atmosphere of grandeur.

The severity and classic look in this case are achieved by of flat, lush, falling semi-circular folds of material collected on the entire surface. The impression of luxury and solemnity is created by the color play of single-toned silk with satin. Polyester, veil, organza – these kinds of fabrics can also be used for French curtains.

How to Introduce French Curtains into Your Home Decor

The general rule of using French curtains is that the cloth should drape itself very well and be flexible. Elegant folds of the French curtains look solid and respectable, and therefore will be very appropriate for the decoration of suburban houses and luxurious and stylish apartments. If you hang the curtain in the lobby, the entrance to your house will already create a solemn atmosphere.

A special completeness French curtains will give to decors with old or antique furniture, as well as classical study rooms. Such curtains look as good in living rooms as they do in bedrooms. They can decorate both large and small windows. The effect that they produce will depend on the texture, pattern, the color of the material and the place where you hang them. If you want to hang the curtains in the living room or the bedroom, then use silk, light-colored or transparent tulle. Fabrics with flower patterns will look romantic and light in a bedroom, with a drop of French chic. Made of natural fabrics, with bright and cheerful drawings they will coquettishly decorate the kitchen. Bright, colorful with a squared or floral pattern – they will be a wonderful decoration for a children’s room.

A large number of folds add some special attraction and a feeling of lightness to the French curtains. Nowadays, it is possible to use cleanable and not creasing material, and even though you may think that such availability will make them look cheap, French curtains will always be in fashion.

Despite the seeming complexity, it is quite simple to make such blinds: the width of the cloth should be one and a half times wider than the window, and the length should be twice his height; the wavy folds are collected through the use of threads and cords. French blinds can either hang on the window as a separate element of the interior, or be supplemented by curtains or lambrequin. The number of folds and the length of the curtains can be adjusted with the help of the scenes and the cord. And you can mount the drapes permanently, if there is no need to frequently lift the curtains.

French Curtains in Home Interior Design

French Curtains in Home Interior Design

French Curtains in Home Interior Design

French Curtains in Home Interior Design\

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