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The Chinese culture and style have always drawn interest, and now it’s on the peak of popularity, especially in terms of interior design. If you are not a supporter of excessive pomposity and pretentiousness, then the brevity of the patterns, the structure of these curtains, the easiness of texture and lack of combination with other curtains fit just perfectly into the style of your room. If you are a fan of minimalistic style and Feng Shui then be sure to pay attention to them, since this model does not require additional decorations.

Decorate Your Windows with Chinese Curtains

Chinese curtains are also a good choice if you do not have a sufficient amount of time to update and decorate a room, or are limited for money, if the view from the window is not as beautiful as you would want it to be, or just want to hide your personal space from outsiders.

Chinese curtains are pieces of flat line that are equal to the width of the window, they have no mechanical or electronic control mechanism, so they rise and go down manually to the desired height with the help of a decorative, allowing the material to roll up in spectacular soft folds. Such an option gives you the ability to control how much of the window should be opened and how much light to come through.

They are easy to hang, don’t require a ledge, at the same time remaining extremely functional. Chinese curtains are attached to the window opening.

Having included simplicity and elegance, these Chinese curtains will be appropriate in any room, everything depends on the design that you choose. They are very suitable in the kitchen, in bedrooms, living or children’s rooms. In the children’s rooms Chinese curtains will look cute, and in the bedroom – mysteriously magical.

For real Chinese style, you need to pick up an unusual, translucent, contrasting fabric, on which patterns, embroidery or hieroglyphs can be printed. Chinese curtains made of vintage fabrics look very advantageous and rich. The curtains can be decorated with laces, fringe, tassels, rhinestones, sequins, beads and decorative ribbons of different colors. Chinese curtains are usually not combined with lambrequin or other types of curtains.

If you decide to stop your choice on these curtains, ask what color and texture for curtains Feng Shui advises to use. According to this teaching, blue colored curtains will help slow down the flow of time, serving as a perfect choice for a bedroom. For stronger health, give preference to air-transparent fabrics. It is also important to know that soft shades help to concentrate, and the bright ones keep you in good shape all day.

Window Treatments: Chinese Curtains

Window Treatments: Chinese Curtains

Window Treatments: Chinese Curtains

Window Treatments: Chinese Curtains

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