Design Ideas for Mansard Style Roof

If you have a roof, you must have a garret. If you have a garret, you have a very specific space, which could be reconstructed into mansard. When I think of mansard, my mind draws me romantic images of a cheerful room where you can lie down on the bed and watch the stars through the huge windows. Check out creative ways on how to make wonderful mansard out of old garret.

Ways to Turn Mansard into Garret

Well, first of all you can sign the plate on the door to your roof space that says “Welcome to my Mansard”, so all your friends will be aware that this overstuffed room with webbed corners and birds’ puke is now called “Mansard”. Well, this is the first step, just keep moving forward.

Reconstructed teenage room

Reconstructed teenage room

Mansard is a curb roof with two or more slopes on each side of the ridge, named so from Francois Mansart – the French architect of the 17th century. He was the first who brought the idea of using space in the garret and he was definitely the one, who started cleaning up this place to make it more habitable. I suspect as a kid he used to hide there from his annoying nannies. Oh, some psychologists say that the fact of having a mansard says a lot about its owner. The grown up man who likes spending time underneath the roof is the one who has the biggest dreams and needs more space for them.

This particular area under the roof significantly prevails the other rooms in your home. One of the doubtless advantages is a unique structure which, of course, requires applying specific design techniques and this makes the experience of renovating your garret even more thrilling.

Another thing is lighting. Mansard is a well-lit location, what makes it wonderful for those who love natural lighting.

When you start renovating your mansard, it is important to pay attention to the weight of applied constructing supplies. It is preferable to use lightweight materials to have admissible load level on the walls’ structures and foundation. Unlike garret, the mansard needs waterproofing finishing and heat resisting measures.

Glazing works. It is recommended to glaze not less than 10 % of mansard area, which doesn’t have to be a problem. The more light you let in, the more sophisticated ideas for interior design could be embraced. Large windows visually expand the area of mansard and make it look more comfortable, especially if interior design of your mansard is kept in lighter shades.

The most popular way to use garret is to recondition it for a bedroom or lounge room, but these are just the most standard options. Nowadays modern construction techniques significantly widen up your choices.

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