Making Space in Small Kitchen

As the heart of our home, we demand a lot from our kitchens – they are often the place to cook, eat and to entertain too. With so much requirements for all of this, you need storage designed especially for each type of item: crockery, glasses, utensils, pans, groceries, cleaning materials and so on. Here, a mixture of units and open shelving creates a room that hits just the right balance between ease of use and attractiveness, hiding bulky items and displaying everyday tableware, glasses and delicate china on the shelves, with less-used items stored in the cupboards.

Ways to Come Up with Extra Storage in Small Kitchen

Mobile storage

If your kitchen is too small and you can’t afford an island unit, then use a trolley on wheels. You can easily put it away into the corner when it is not needed. Choose one that’s at a comfortable height for you. Some trolleys have cupboards and shelves, to store the things that you need to use everyday.

Making Space in the Kitchen: Mobile Storage for Kitchen

Essentials cupboard

The kitchen often is the place for storing cleaning products. But for hygiene reasons, keep tools like those cleaning products and tools away from your food and dishes. Either take them to another place or put them away into a cupboard, designed just for those type of things.

Hanging rack

Avoid cluttering up your worksurfaces by storing your most-used condiments on a wall rack. Choose a design with adjustable shelves that will be flexible enough to hold anything from spices to mustard power. A few small hooks make it the perfect spot to hang household keys or measuring spoons and a detachable rail gives your kitchen roll a home too.

Making Space in the Kitchen: Hanging Racks

Flexible eating areas

For a kitchen-diner that’s flexible enough to accommodate the whole family and guests, go for clever seating. A bench takes up less room than chairs and is perfect for seating children. Alternatively, go for folding chair, which can be easily stored away when not needed. If your kitchen is also a place for children to play or do homework, a cupboard will be very helpful. When the table needs to be set for dinner, it’s easy to sweep scissors and crayons into labelled baskets set on its shelves, ready to use again.


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