Light Genius – Ingo Maurer

Ingo Maurer was born in 1932 on the island of Reichenau, Germany. He received his degree in polygraphics and worked in the printing houses of Switzerland and Germany. Ingo is called the “guru of modern lighting design”, and not without reason.

In 1954-1958 Maurer worked in the Munich Graphics Studio, and starting from 1960, three years worked as a freelancer in New York and San Francisco.

In 1966, the future great designer created his own company “Design M”. Lamps, which were made by the company entered into the collection of the Museum of Modern Arts in new York.

Chandelier by Ingo Maurer
Bang Boom Zettel’z

Becoming a recognized master of the 60s, he continues to amaze everyone with his new ideas.

Today, Ingo Maurer has a huge number of design projects of restaurants, cafes, theatres and etc. Maurer’s studio in Munich is a desired place of work for artists and designers from all over the world. Design of the space with the help of light is the main task of the company. According to Maurer’s philosophy, light should not be monotonous. The art of light requires creativity and striving for harmony. The main thing is not to create a lighting device, but make the light pour into space, express it, solve functional tasks.

Ingo Maurer Creates Masterpieces Using Light

At the Spazio Krizia exhibition in 2006 in Milan, Ingo demonstrated non-traditional solutions of interior design. Luminous wallpapers and carpets did not just decorate the house, but also replaced light sources.

The Light Genius - Ingo Maurer: LED Wallpaper
LED Wallpaper

Maurer’s group was one of the first in the world to start experiments with LED lightings. Among their works, which implement the LED light sources, are very interesting luminous objects, such as a bench made of lithium glass with 288 LEDs and a table made of glass and metal with 278 LEDs. LEDs are built into the seat of the bench and the top of the table so that the light scatters in all directions. The weight of the table is 240 kilograms.

The Light Genius - Ingo Maurer: LED Bench
LED Bench

The Light Genius - Ingo Maurer: LED Table
LED Table

In order to do what he wants to do, Maurer had to start his own production. Now his company “Ingo Maurer GmbH” employs about 70 people, which, according to European standards, is quite a large number. But he controls the whole process – from the sketches to the finished product. Ingo also has unlimited freedom for everything, relating to cooperation with other designers (often he chooses the young).

Maurer became famous not only as a creator of weird shapes and figures, but also as a person, who declined to the functionality of light in favor to the beauty of lighting. The meaning of all his installations in a single – to cause emotional reaction of the audience.

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