Interior Design Idea: Combination of Blue and Green

Blue Green Interior Design
All of us probably heard an expression “blue and green should never be seen”, however sometimes this saying is wrong. Often when coming up with color combinations for our home interior design, we tend to use color wheel where you should pick either opposite hues or the ones that are placed by each other.

Blue and Green Combination in Home Decor

Indigo and Citron

Citron and indigo make up an ideal color combination. As a rule it gets a bit complicated to blend a vibrant citron color with a deep indigo one, however citron and indigo manage to ideally balance each other. Citron stands for power, while indigo adds a chic and class. Try to incorporate accessories of darker hues otherwise there is a risk that indigo will appear detached.

Indigo Citron Bedroom

Turquoise and Lime

People with eccentric taste will favor a combination of lime and turquoise, which has been quite popular lately. This color mix is fresh, vibrant and lively. It is perfect for places that you want to fill with energy and life such as a kitchen and cabinet.

Turquoise Lime Living Room

Blue and Kelly Green

This color mix will work for rooms in traditional style that need a splash of color. They look great when used along with rustic wood furniture for creating a unique atmosphere with earthy vibe.

Blue Kelly Green Kitchen

Use Different Proportions

And finally, keep in mind that it is not necessarily using equal proportions of each color when creating an interior in any of these color combinations. Consider utilizing one hue as a base and another one for brining bold touches.

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