Ideas of Using Nautical Accents in Home Decor

Nautical Style Decor Design Interior
Dreaming about living by the sea, traversing the ocean or simply creating an all-year-round nautical at your living room? Consider bringing fresh and breezy nautical-themed touches to your home décor through striped print, decorative helm, rope and a combination of red, blue and white hues. So, in order to add a nautical vibe into your room, you don’t have to fully re-design your room. We present you fun and simple ideas of embracing a nautical style in your home interior design.

How to Embrace Nautical Theme in Home Decor

Striped Pattern

The simple way to introduce nautical theme is a striped pattern in classy blue and white shades. It can be used both for furniture tapestry, window treatments as well as for wallpaper print. In fact, a striped pattern is enough for creating a truly nautical feel, so you can restrict yourself to it. In case you want to bring a pop of color, simply add red-colored elements like pillows, rug or table lamps.

Nautical Style Decor Design Interior


A few starfishes can totally revamp a décor of your room. If it is a nursery, simply hang them to the walls for a simple and chic feel. If it is a bathroom, you may put them on the counter. Starfish is a perfect complement to the nautical-styled interior, but don’t go overboard with them.

Nautical Style Decor Design Interior Starfish


Instead of the traditional artwork, draw your attention to the framed sailing maps. Moreover, try finding vintage maps that are sold in thrift stores for a more striking effect.

Nautical Style Bedroom Interior Design

Nautical Stars

Nautical stars have a stylish and inornate appearance, so they are easy to incorporate in any home interior. Moreover, it is hard to go overboard with them. A transfer picture, which surrounds a lighting fixture, or used as a separate decorative element on the wall or ceiling – these are most widespread ways of utilizing nautical stars. Try to keep them subdued and opt for classy black and white hues.

Nautical Star Home Decor Interior Design

Focal Point

Using an abundance of nautical elements like stripes, anchor, sailboat, starfishes and helm in your room décor is not a way to go. So it is preferable to stick to certain elements instead of using all at the same time. Consider bed sheets with ship or anchor prints. These small elements are enough for creating that nautical vibe in a fresh and light way.

Bedsheets Nautical Theme

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