Brilliant Balcony Design Ideas

Balcony Decor Ideas
In the contemporary metropolises balconies are the only outdoor areas in the apartments, where you can take a gulp of a fresh air. In fact, it is possible to turn into reality your dreams about a beautiful outside garden with a myriad of plants and a sofa where you can benefit from a refreshing weather. Every balcony, even the tiniest one, could become a wonderful garden. With a smart decoration, you will be able to transform your balcony into an area for relaxation, where you will adore staying. Leave you indoors for a while and turn your attention to the balcony décor.

How to Decorate Your Small Balcony

Furniture, decorations and accessories are the key elements in building a sophisticated balcony. Bring a splash of color and a truly garden feel to your balcony interior by covering your floor with a fake grass carpet.

Balcony Decor Ideas

A mural garden is a perfect alternative for a small balcony, which brings an outside feel to it and allows saving space at the foot. For setting up a mural garden you can install hoods on different levels and shelves, on which you can hang plant pots. Today there is a range of contemporary accessories like wall suspensions offered for sale in specialized shops. These suspensions are able to store a lot of plant pots at a time.

An alternative way to decorate a balcony wall is using a climbing plant, which will cover the entire way.

Balcony Decor Ideas

As for the furniture, it should be chosen based on the size of your balcony. In case you are lucky to have a big balcony, you may go wild with your balcony interior and equip it with a myriad of items like a sofa and table set made from wood, wicker or bamboo. You can even place here deck-chairs if space allows.

However, small balconies are a more widespread thing in big city reality than the big ones. Despite the small size, they could be neat and beautiful by means of a smart decorating. Simply make an accent on essentials: a small round table and 2 chairs are enough for enjoying nice summer days. You may even use folding chairs and table.

Balcony Decor Ideas

And last but not the least are natural flowers, which are the key element of any garden. Add natural flowers to your balcony interior for a welcoming and cheerful atmosphere.

Balcony Decor Ideas

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