Ideas of Décor for Small Entry Porch

Entry Porch
A front porch is an inalienable part of your home interior, which is first seen by the guests, visitors and just passer-bies. In fact, an entry porch gives an impression of the entire house, that’s why lovely porch is able to enhance an appeal of your house and distinguish it from nearby houses. There is a myriad of ways to enhance your entry porch décor, even if it is quite small. With our useful tips you will be able to make your small entry porch a warm and inviting area.

How to Decorate a Small Entry Porch

Before you start decorating your small porch, it is necessarily to clean it. Sweep or even mop the floor to get rid of the dirt and small particles.

Once the floor dries, paint the walls of the porch in light or pastel shades. Make sure the paint dries thoroughly, before you start next action. As you might know, light hues allow visual enlarging of small spaces.


Make sure to use window treatments that add a neat touch to porch interior and protect from direct sunlight. Consider opting for blinds or bamboo shades, which are quite lightweight. Stay away from heavy and thick materials that take up space and thus make your porch appear smaller.

Since porch is a full-fledged part your house, it is essential to provide it with decent lighting, so that you could use this area even after the sun is down. An overhead lamp with a fan could serve not only as a source of lighting, but also guarantees a nice breeze during hot summer days. An alternative option is attaching a scone to each wall for a scattered light.

Entry Porch

Set up hooks into the ceiling. They could be used for hanging beautiful planters and baskets. You can raise trailing plants in planters hanged at different levels for bring a splash of color to your porch and protecting from prying eyes. You may also place planters on a porch ledge, so that the greenery drops over the edge.

To make your porch a functional area, equip it with seating arrangement like a sofa set made from cane or wicker along with a table. Opt for a smaller furnishing in order not to fill an entire space of your porch. Consider placing furniture aside from entrance in order not to obstruct a passage.

Entry Porch

Use bold colored or printed upholstery for seating arrangement that would match an overall porch interior. This way you will have a balanced and original décor.

Make sure to complement your porch interior with elements like framed pictures, different signs, rugs, wall hangings, etc.

Small Entry Porch Ideas

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