Ideas of Bathroom in Black & White

Eternal color combinations like black and white are always a smart alternative to use in décor since they are never out of vogue. Besides monochrome is the loudest trend of 2013 both in fashion industry and in interior design. In fact black and white could be often met in the interior of contemporary bathrooms. In case simple monochrome doesn’t really impress you, these striking ideas of black and white bathroom décor can really make you change your mind.

Bathroom in Black and White Colors

Use of Patterns in Black and White Bathroom

Different patterns can bring an original vibe to your bathroom in black and white. Consider patterns like diamond, chevron and other alternatives that are rarely used in bathroom interior. However don’t overly try with using patterns since they might make your bathroom appear busy: besides they will likely conflict with accessories such as a rug and a shower curtain.

Black and White Bathroom

Consider mixing and matching various patterns for a one-of-a-kind design. However keep in mind that blending of a big number of patterns can overload interior of your bathroom as well as combining patterns with distinguishing motives.

Take into consideration that patterns of smaller scale are more suitable for decorating small bathrooms; otherwise it will visually appear smaller when decorated with big scale patterns.

Benefit from vertical stripes that allow your bathroom ceiling appearing visually taller. If you consider black to be too gloomy for using in bathroom interior, consider going for marble in light shades with adding several black touches.

Black and White Bathroom

Black Bathtub

Bathtubs are generally offered in white color, but it is still possible to find an elegant bathtub in black, which can carry a role of a black accent in black and white design of your bathroom. Other options to consider are a sink and shower wall in black.

Metallic Elements

Introduction of metallic accents in your black and white design can vivify the traditional monochrome and bring a feel of chic and elegance to your bathroom. Consider sinks and shower pipes made from copper and brass.

Ideas of Black and White Bathroom


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