How to Refresh Your Interior Without Cosmetic Alterations

Once in a while we all get that feeling when we’re fed up of the interior of our home. Despite the initial thought that it is necessary to make a cosmetic alteration, we can get a whole new design by just following these tips on how to refresh your interior.

Remodel Your Home with Ease

Women know that rearrangement of furniture in the house changes everything. According to the teachings of Feng Shui, to change your everyday life, you need to move 27 objects in your home, which in the course of the year did not move from their places. The Chinese are right: even a small shift refreshes the interior and improves the mood.

But before doing anything, measure all items and draw a floor plan of the room. That way you can approximately know what will fit where. Don’t be afraid to put furniture under an angle to the wall, often such an arrangement only expands the space. Sometimes it is enough to change the location of some things. Old paintings can be replaced by new, however, it is not necessary to buy only paintings. The walls can be decorated with large-format photographs, posters and wallpapers.

Do not forget to regularly thoroughly clean your apartment and throw away all the old and unnecessary things. Trust us, you’ll feel refreshed and light after this.

How to Refresh Your Interior Without Cosmetic Alterations

Change the lighting

Lighting plays a huge role in the interior and it is very easy to change. Put dimmers in the bedroom and depending on your mood you will be able to adjust the lighting.

Instead of a large chandelier in the center of the ceiling, hang local lamps in different areas of the room. An original floor lamp, a new wall or photos with rear illumination can also transform the room. If you are used to live in a darkened room, then let in more light. If the room is lit very brightly, then opaque curtains or blinds will change the situation.

>How to Refresh Your Interior Without Cosmetic Alterations

The role of windows

Windows are probably the most noticeable part of the room and the change in its decoration always transfigures the interior. Just change the color of the curtains and the room becomes a completely different one. But we can go further: change the curtains to vertical blinds or repaint the window frame from white to brown.

Old blinds can be changed beyond recognition, by sewing on some little accessories, such as decorative ribbons, fringes or even old buttons.

To let as much sunlight as possible in, change the heavy curtains to transparent curtains made of organza, linen, or silk. By changing the blinds, you will not only create a new and refreshing atmosphere in the room, but also changes the usual the amount of light.

Put glass objects, for example, vases, on the window sill. The sunlight will play on their surface.

Change the walls

To change the way the walls look, you don’t necessarily have to repaint them or change the wallpapers. On painted walls, you can buy an interesting sticker: the silhouette of a tree or a man, birds, flowers or some abstract patterns. It won’t take you more than half an hour, but will completely transform the overall look.

Replacing carpets could contribute very well to the transformation of the interior. Nowadays you can find carpets of any taste: classical, modern or with an animal print. Of course, the style of a bright carpet should harmonize with the interior, but often the purchase fully justifies itself.

In the kitchen you can hang a few bright thematic photos: flowers in macro or a butterfly. This wall will become the most attractive place for the guests.

Transform furniture

The look of old, but strong furniture can be changed by changing the upholstery or by repainting cabinets in fashionable colors. And you can practice the art of decoupage, changing the dreary cabinets to antique looking old chest of drawers.

Today is the day of minimum of furniture and maximum space. But if you just can’t part with the old wall unit or you simply have no other place to put it, just set up the part of the walls at different angles or even rooms. The interior will become more transparent and fresh.

How to Refresh Your Interior Without Cosmetic Alterations

The little things that matter

You can change only the little things: vases, mirrors, tablecloths, photo frames, cushions. By selecting them with the same style, you can completely transform the room. For example, if the overall color scheme of the room is sustained in traditional beige-brown tones, then for all of these decorative details you can pick one single color.

But there shouldn’t be a lot of small things, or else it will create the illusion of a messy apartment.

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