Hottest Décor Trends 2013 Worth Trying

Blue and White Bedroom
Even though you might be familiar with the latest interior design trends 2013, often it is hard to implement them in your home décor. We bring you hottest décor trends 2013 and ways to use them in your lodging interior design.

How to Use Hottest Decor Trends 2013 in Your Home Interior Design

Brass and Bronze

As we already mentioned, brass and bronze is the key trend in interior design. Key benefit of these materials is a possibility to use them in different styles, starting from minimalistic to romantic. In case you want to opt for these metals when decorating your home, try to keep them to minimum in order to keep the right balance for chic interior.

Brass Home Interior Design


Patterns like flowers and polka dot allow brining a soft and elegant touch to your room. Even if you don’t want to cover an entire room with a floral print, consider using it in certain details like artwork or sofa tapestry. This way you will create a warming and lovely ambiance. Mixing of floral pattern with contemporary lighting fixtures allow creating eclectic interior design.

Floral Printed Sofa

Ancient Furniture

Bringing vintage furniture, which is one of the loudest trends 2013, in your home décor allows adding attitude and drama to a room. Don’t furnish an entire room with ancient pieces, rather add a few for a chic and classy effect.

Living Room Mirror

Decorated Walls

Leave the plain one-color walls behind and opt for bold embellished walls. Consider using printed wallpaper, artwork, accessories, mirrors, etc. In case you want to be original, you might like an idea of using 3D wallpaper, which will add a depth and texture to the walls. Besides consider using crystal and beads embellished wallpaper.

Patterned Wallpaper


Look through your granny’s old stuff in search for lacy tablecloth, which is a big hit of this year. Being already a key tendency on runways, it came to home décor. You can embrace lace trend through window treatments, tablecloth, decorative elements, etc.

Bedroom Lace


In case you don’t dare to try bold green in your home interior design, consider using classy beige. However there is a risk of going plain. That’s why it is essential to use various shades of beige as well as a range of textures.

Beige Living Room

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