Hottest Bathroom Design Trends 2013

Modern Bathroom 2013
Regardless whether you live in a house or apartment, bathroom remains a place for privacy, relaxation and recovery after a hard day of working. In this year 2013 bathroom design trends are directed on creating a luxurious refuge with stunning lighting, chic natural stone elements and freestanding tub. Let’s take a look at other bathroom design trends that dominate in 2013.

Bathroom Design Trends for 2013


When it comes to lighting, it is essential to keep the right balance between practicality and beauty. Scones placed along the sides of mirror will guarantee a perfect lighting for the face. Consider attaching pot lights to the ceiling as well as a statement chandelier. In case you are looking for original alternatives, consider vintage lighting fixtures and pendants, which could be hanged over countertops for a stylish and chic vibe.

Modern Bathroom 2013


Sinks didn’t undergo significant changes in 2013. Sink and vanity combination is still in trend. However faucets went through updates: consider replacing your laconic graded faucet with a brass one in vintage style.


As we mentioned before, an accent should be made on luxury when decorating your bathroom. Moreover, lately there is a tendency of creating a spa-like feel in your bathroom by using chic showerhead styles or natural stone elements, for instance, marble walls.

Modern Bathroom 2013


Freestanding tubs are utterly trendy during 2013. Don’t be afraid of mixing different styles in your bathroom like contemporary fixtures with vintage showerheads. It is impossible to set up a freestanding tub in your bath, consider decorating it with marble plates.


Don’t hesitate to install an underfloor heating. This way you will not only save on your heating bill, but also create a warming spa-like ambiance.

Modern Bathroom 2013

Window Treatments

Even though bathroom requires impenetrable window treatments, there is a tendency of hanging sheers on bathroom windows. They allow natural sunshine in, but still provide some privacy. However in case you are looking for unique solutions, consider Russian Balloon drapery, which is also in trend nowadays.

Decorative Elements

While soap dishes and tumblers made from ceramic still remain inalienable elements of any bathroom, an accent should be made on colorful fabrics and bold patterns, for instance, shower curtains with Indian or Morroccan motifs. Though it is essential not to overdo it with statement prints: balance your bold shower curtain with monochrome towels and rug.

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