Home Decor On Budget: Decorative Plate Wall For A Dining Room

Whenever you decide to refresh your home decor, one of the first things you have to consider is whether or not your designer ambitions are going to burn a hole in your pocket. Decorating is art, while decorating on budget is ingenious art. Below are some ideas on how you can decorate your dining room, do it on budget and make it unique and beautiful.

Plate Wall Decor For A Dining Room

Plain white plate wall decor for a dining room

White plate wall decor for a dining room

Decorating walls with plates is not at all a new design concept. And still you can make your dining room unique by using plates. Furthermore, you don’t have to spend lots of money to arrange the plate display in the room.
You can use old plates of yours, or buy some plates at thrift stores, dollar shops, discount stores and yard sales.
Colorful plates of sifferen shapes and colors as a wall decoration idea

Free form colorful plate wall decor for a dining room

Plates don’t have to be all of the same style, shape, design, or color. Your plate wall design depends on your idea of what is better or more appropriate for your dining room. You can mix different shapes, colors and styles in the same plate display.
Monochrome plate wall decoration for a dining room

Monochrome plate wall decoration

Using monochrome plates makes the room look more elegant. The same can be said about vintage plates.
Vintage plate wall decoration idea for a dining room

Vintate plate wall decor

Colorful plates make the room look more cheerful.
Colorful plates as a wall decoration idea

Colorful plate wall decoration for a dining room

While decorating your dining room wall with plates you’re free to choose any color, shape, style and design of the plates, as well as the way to arrange them on the wall. You can organize them randomly, symmetrically, linear, or in a free form. You can also accent the plates with a frame, jute twine, or a painted design on plain white plates. It’s all up to you!
Colorful plates in linear as a wall decoration idea

Plate wall decor

Beautiful plate wall decoration

Plate wall decoration

Black and white plate wall decoration

Black-and-white plate wall decoration for a dining room

Birds and ornament plate wall decoration

Vintage plate wall decoration

When you’re done decorating the dining room wall with plates, consider using this decorating idea in other rooms of your house – bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, patios and porches, as well as staircases, corridors, and entryways.
Plate wall decoration of different shapes and styles

Plate wall decoration featuring plates of different shape and style

Plates on the wall in teh dining room

Plate wall decor

White plate wall decoration

Simple white plate wall decor

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