How to Make Your Home Look Bigger

Living Room
Unfortunately, we often face a problem of small square footage of our house or apartment. Moreover, even if your lodging is big enough, sometimes it appears that the walls are closing in on you. It might happen because of dark wall color or bulky furniture. Anyways we present you useful ways to make your house appear bigger.

How to Visually Enlarge Your Home


Pay attention to proportions of your room. In case the height of the ceiling conforms to a square footage of your room, this will allow you to create a neat and harmonious interior. Taller ceilings look ideal in rooms of bigger square footage, that’s why don’t try to create a studio from a premise with a low ceiling. This way you will only accentuate a low level of ceiling.

Living Room


It is important to create a focal point of your room. Consider using any bulky item in this role. It has to attract attention and distract from small size of a room. An empty wall can be also utilized as a focal point.

Living Room

Symmetrical compositions on your wall is also a nice way to balance space of a small premise. However try not to go overboard by setting up symmetrical compositions on each wall of your room.


You can make a low ceiling appear visually taller by painting it in the same shade with your walls. If you also paint your floor in the same color, it allows widening your room. Coloring both floor and walls of the neighboring rooms in the same shade will create an illusion of their uniting, which will make your lodging appear quite spacious.

Living Room Ceiling

One more way to make your ceiling visually taller is decorating it with edging in contrasting hue. Edging will draw attention to the ceiling and make it appear as a distinct plane. A perfect way to make this trick more effective is coloring your ceiling with paint with a silk texture, while walls should be colored with a dull one of a richer shade.


  • Install tall mirrors by the doorways and windows, what will allows creating an effect of numerous lodgments.
  • Move the closets into the dinettes or opt for wardrobe in the same shade as your walls.
  • Don’t jam your room with a big number of needless items. Try to keep only bare essentials. Items have to be of smaller size, lightweight and mobile.
  • It is preferable to use circle shaped items.

Living Room

  • Try to use transparent items that will make your room appear lightweight and breezy.
  • Enameled tops will add light to your room.
  • Combine different textures in one premise. This will add an original vibe to it. By using items with similar textures you are likely to get a plain and boring interior.

Living Room


Use a minimal number of doors, this way you will significantly economize your space. In case it is impossible to avoid doors in your home interior, consider opting for the ones made from a smoky glass. They will not only protect you from sounds, smells and prying eyes, but also allow bringing an additional volume to your lodging.

Glass Door

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