Guide on Using Plants in Your Interior

Officially, spring starts in March, which is just a couple of weeks away. But as we all know, the real warmth and blooming starts no later than the end of March – beginning of April. Why wait? Set spring in your home with the help of plants.

How to Decorate Your Office or Home with Plants

First of all, your room should be tidy. Plants in a messy room either aren’t visible at all, or make the mess look even dirtier. In one room plants should be developed into one or two harmonious looking groups.

Secondly, plants of one group must have at least the same colors of the pots, ideally – from the same collection, but of different sizes. Large plants in a small room will dominate, and their use is possible under restrained and unshowy decoration of the main surfaces. At the same time, a high but not very wide plant is able to visually «raise the ceiling». Small single plants in big rooms will just be lost. However, if you are a fan of little-sized plants just gather several pots of them into one group and place them near a large specimen.

Voluminous plants with expressive leaves look good on the background of stylish furniture with laconic forms, but for such plants, the room should be spacious enough.
A Green Home: Use of Plants in Your Interior

Plants with bright, colorful leaves and flowers look unattractive on the background of similar walls. Such plants look more suitable in a one-color surrounding. Small leaves won’t be noticed near wallpapers with large patterns. If there are too many vertical patterns and objects in the room, you can soften the interior by placing a branchy plant.

Plants are very advantageous when placed near a mirror. The mirror «doubles» the number and volume of plants and is able to create the feeling of a «winter garden» or greenhouses.

The living room is a great place for large and spectacular specimen. However, be careful – with a large gathering of furniture and décor, many plants are restricted. Otherwise, light and air is little and all the beauty will be lost.

The dining rooms and kitchens are very often held in yellow colors, and the addition of green plants will only benefit the look. In those rooms it is especially important to keep flowers clean and well-groomed. Therefore, before choosing a plant (or plants) for the kitchen and/or dining rooms, think carefully about how they need to be taken care of. Blooming plants are not only pleasant to the eye, but are also useful for the appetite. And, among them, depending on the style, you can choose either small or large single inflorescences.

A very important thing to remember here is that gas, draughts and high temperatures won’t do well for the plants that require special care. Thus, choose only the most resistant specimen for the kitchen.

A Green Home: Use of Plants in Your Interior

Bedrooms, on the contrary, with a sufficient quantity of light, are very suitable for many plants. Since bedrooms are usually painted in pastel colors, any blooming plant and ones with a light scent will fit great there. If the scent is strong, you’re gaining the risk of waking up with a chronic headache.

Taking into account the fact that the bedroom is the most private room in the house and reflects only the tastes of the owners, without regard to public opinion, here you can place the most bizarre and unusual forms. They can absolutely not fit into the overall style of the house, but this room gives you the right to do whatever you want.

A Green Home: Use of Plants in Your Interior
Even though we rarely see plants in bathrooms, this place has the perfect conditions: the high humidity in combination with heat – are the things for the majority of plants originating from the tropics. In addition, a pair of plants in the bathroom gives a feeling of staying at a resort or in an oasis of comfort and rest. And one more thing – this is the perfect place for flowers with a strong odor.

A children’s room maybe the only room in the house where you need to have some special knowledge about plants. A number of very popular species are actually poisonous. So before buying that colorful and beautiful flower, make sure to get enough information about it. In any case, place them away from the reach of children. In addition, avoid thorny plants in a home with preschoolers.

A Green Home: Use of Plants in Your Interior

Just a little tip: place cactuses in near computers: they take in the radiation.

Homes with a classic styled interior can be decorated with flowers that bloom all year round. Lianas look great on arched doorways, stone arches and decorative walls.

Minimalism and hi-tech interiors are preferred to have large plants with a thick stems and laconic forms and colors of leaves. Cactuses and succulents fit perfectly here.

Oriental-styled interiors will look even more enchanted with plants of bizarre forms or artificial handmade plants. Bamboo, bonsai and any varieties of orchids will look good here.

A Green Home: Use of Plants in Your Interior

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