Greatest Ideas of Fake Fireplace Decoration

Fake Fireplace

A lot of people dream of spending their evenings in front of the fake fireplace, muffling in comfy plaids. However, modern megalopolis reality doesn’t secure with a chance to do that. But, all people are possible to create the imitation of real fireplace. They may achieve it with the help of specially built protuberance or just simple portal closely set against the existing wall. At the same time, such fake fireplace may have different variants of its unique and original decoration. So, let’s look through the greatest fake fireplace ideas.

Organize Media Zone above the Fake Fireplace

If your living room is moderately sized, it will be logical to set a TV zone and fake fireplace at the same spot. Embodying such fireplace decoration idea, you will make this part of the room a central one. Moreover, you will be possible to complete such area of comfort by divan and armchair as well as a lovely coffee table.

Organize Media Zone above the Fake Fireplace

Use the Portal of Fake Fireplace as Console

Fireplace portal may turn into a perfect place for display of your favourite décor. As the fireplace top corresponds to narrow shelf, it may nicely dispose various cute trinkets, décor and even books. Such type of fake fireplace may be set in any part of your apartment. Moreover, you will be secured with an opportunity to change its location in accordance with personal needs and desires without any troubles and problems.

Decorate the Fake Fireplace by Candles

Fireplace decorating ideas that concern candles may be really interesting because there aren’t many things looking more harmonious near the fireplace than candles. You may place some of them on the portal. Besides, you will be possible to put candles in the hearth and lighten them in the evenings. It will create an impression that you are sitting near a real fireplace.

Shield with Ornamental Grating

Shield with Ornamental Grating  

Fake fireplace decoration ideas include also a variant with ornamental grating. Such alternative will be great in case when you want to approximate the fake fireplace visually. In such a way you need to buy the portal from stone or wood and shield the hearth by wonderful ornamental grating. This detail may be of different colors, techniques and designs. Therefore, you should adhere it to the general stylistic tendency of your apartments.

Use Real and Fake Logs

Perfect fireplace décor ideas cannot help concerning logs. Such fireplace detail may become one of the best decisions. This variant may include ornamenting with accurate firewood or huge armful of wood. In any way, the usage of this natural décor will be advantageous.

Exploit Polyurethane Décor

Exploit Polyurethane Décor

Fake fireplace mantel ideas may also include various polyurethane elements that add an attractive relief. Such elements are fastened by means of special building glue. When everything is ready-mounted, you will be available to paint your fake fireplace with the favorite color.

Put Mirror Inside

The original idea of fireplace decoration will consist in creating the reflection inside. Choosing this alternative, you will easily solve the problem of hearth fullness. Moreover, using the mirror inside, the fireplace décor will look richer and more replete.

Put Mirror Inside in fake fireplace

Finally, if you want to make sure that our offerings are sensible and productive, you may look through fireplace ideas pictures. Undoubtedly, they will convince you of our ideas perfectness.

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