How to Look After Furniture

Taking care of furniture

Not all of us can afford expensive maintenance of broken furniture or their cleaning. Even more less people can afford to buy new furniture when they want to do so. Here you will find some tips and advices on how to make your furniture serve you as long as possible

General tips

– Do not place furniture near heating appliances. Also, do not place it on sunlight, because high temperature dries the material, which makes the furniture more fragile.

– The apartment needs a source of moisture. For example, a small fountain or an aquarium. Plants also stabilize the level of humidity in the room that will prevent furniture from wearing out.

– The durability of furniture also depends on the initial assemblage, because if even one part is not installed correctly, it can lead to the breakage of the furniture.

Care of soft furniture

– It is necessary to regularly clean upholstered furniture, use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and maintain a silky luster hull material.

How to Look After Furniture

– After a while, when the furniture gets dirty again (but not less  than once a month), clean upholstered furniture from dust. While cleaning, don’t wet too much and don’t beat out the dust – a cloud of dust will just settle down again. Before beating the dust out, cover the furniture with wet sheets. And if you wet this sheet with not just water but with mild vinegar solution – the colors of the upholstery will become more vivid. Special attention during cleaning should be given to the seams, it is in these places where all the dust accumulates.

– Spilled liquids should be immediately wiped from the surface of the material, preventing them from spreading and their penetration into the fabric.

– For removal of stains from velour-upholstered furniture or other cloth, make soapy water. Lightly moisten the contaminated area with a soft brush. The most important thing is not to wet it too much! After cleaning the spot, dry and comb it with a soft brush, in order to give the furniture its original look.

– Spilled tea and coffee can be removed by vinegar and detergent. However, this method doesn’t work for old dry spots! In any case, do not try to scrape them from a soft surface, because you will simply damage the original gloss and fluffiness of the material. To remove such spots, first soak them and them remove with a soft sponge or brush.

– Beer stains best come off with soap and water, however, for odour removal, use weak solution of vinegar – approximately 2-3 tablespoons of white vinegar per liter of water.

– Spots on leather should be cleaned with a soft damp cloth. Do not use alcohol, acetone or soap. For supporting the shine of the furniture, clean it a few times a year with special detergents for leather. Do not use a hair dryer or a vacuum cleaner to dry leather furniture, simply wipe with a soft fleecy cloth.

How to Look After Furniture

– If the furniture is made of artificial leather and wine is poured onto it, clean the spot immediately. Blot it with stain absorbent paper or cloth, then wipe gently several times with a cotton cloth soaked in a light alcohol solution.

– One of the most frequent problems is stuck chewing gum. Simply attach some ice in a bag on the stuck gum, and some time later scrape it by a blunt object.

Care of furniture made of wood, glass and metal

– Wooden wardrobes or cupboards are best cleaned with a damp and well-wrung out cloth. After cleaning, wipe the surface again, but with a dry cloth. Make sure not to let the water get into cracks and joints of the furniture.

– Laminated surfaces are more resistant to moisture. However, you should also pay close attention to the lack of moisture in cracks and joints. To save the gloss of the surface, use a variety of polishes.

– To get rid of fingerprints on polished surfaces, carefully wipe them with talcum powder.

– Scratches on polished furniture can be masked with beeswax or with the following mixture: for redwood, oak and use a little iodine to paint those small scratches.

How to Look After Furniture

– If you accidentally put a hot cup and it leaves a trace, then wipe the surface with a mixture of vegetable oil and alcohol until the spots disappear.

– On sale there is a huge amount of sprays from termites, but you can also dissolve the naphthalene in gasoline and wipe wooden furniture with this mixture. If the termites appear again, or just for their prevention (every 3-4 weeks) wipe the furniture again.

– For the treatment and cleaning of metal structures, do not use sponges with metal fiber or rough materials, since they will scratch the surface.

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