Fireplaces – Convenient Way To Stay Warm All Year Round

The weather can be chilly even in summer. In those moments all we want to do is stay warm. Fire not only produces heat, but also gives us a feeling of tranquility, peace and comfort. Indeed, it is so nice and pleasant to sit near the fireplace, listen to the crackling of the wood, feeling the warmth and coziness, especially when it is dark and cold outside.

Pick the Right Fireplace with Our Guide

Today, fireplaces have become especially popular. Such design solution looks very stylish and beautiful. Fire brings us together with nature, allow you to breathe the life-giving force and positive energy of the fire.

When selecting the fireplace for your interior, first decide for yourself, for what purpose you need it, whether for heating or as an element of decor. In any case the fireplace must fit into the interior of your home. It is necessary to determine the location and fireplace. It is important to note that the materials used in the design must harmonize with the color or pattern of the walls, floor and furniture. Pile of tiles, natural stones and metal elements reduce the emission of heat from the fireplace.

The number one rule when choosing a fireplace is that it must be safe! So choose it in well-known and prestigious shops, which carefully monitor the quality of the delivered goods. The ideal option for stoking the fireplace is, of course, firewood.

A fireplace in an art nouveau style will look good in a modern stone building. In this case use different kinds of surfaces which harmoniously combine: rough, smooth, polished textured.

Ways of Introducing Fireplace in Interior Design

In a house made of logs or timber a fireplace in a country style will fit excellently. Facings of natural stone will serve as an excellent complement to the countryside style.

Ways of Introducing Fireplace in Interior Design

For fireplaces in hi-tech style, use modern fireproof materials – glass, plastic, steel. The look of the fireplace fully depends on the fantasy of the designer. Your task is to choose one that fits into your interior.

Ways of Introducing Fireplace in Interior Design

Another type of fireplaces is electric fireplaces. They create imitation of real fire and are the safest ones. Electric fireplaces have high efficiency, do not require special installation and can be used in all types of places and rooms.

Ways of Introducing Fireplace in Interior Design

There are also fireplaces with open fire. Some designers hide the fire behind the glass, but both types look beautiful. It should be taken into account that open wood-burning fireplaces do not have a very high degree of efficiency. Fireplaces with a closed fire chamber are safer. The furnace is closed with a heat-resistant glassed door. These fireplaces have a higher heat transfer.

Ways of Introducing Fireplace in Interior Design

When choosing a fireplace pay attention to the ease of use. Fireplaces must be economical on fuel consumption. Mode or level or burning should be regulated.

Note that the open fireplaces are difficult when it comes to creating conditions for a good draught. In fireplaces with a closed fire chamber there is no such problem. The fire behind the glass looks very beautiful and elegant in any room, while the risk of fire is reduced to zero.

Fireplaces - A Convenient Way To Stay Warm All Year Round

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