Eye-Catching Bathroom Design Trends for 2014

Bathroom. Is this the room designed just for cleaning a human body? May be it was 200 years ago, but definitely not in the century 21st. Today, it’s an intimate place representing your individuality, just as your clothes do. It’s part of your apartment’s image. Other words it’s a very privy story of you.

This year designers go deeper, exploring the comfort zones of a human that he usually used to conceal. Let’s take a look at the 2014 bathroom tips.

Key Interior Design Trends 2014 for Bathroom

Here’s the first look by Meredith Heron, designer. She sees bathroom as a gateway to the world of relaxation with bubbles, soft lighting and lounge…. furniture! Yes, most of us used to have three urgent things in our bathrooms. These are: bath, toilet pan and sink. But Meredith suggests new approach to the bathroom use – a spa experience.

It’s really all about luxury and creating a comfortable retreat, we’re also putting a lot of furniture in the bathroom if space permits,

says Meredith Heron, principal designer of Meredith Heron Design.

Well, the other thing in new trends left unchanged is marble. Seems like marble is the synonym of bathroom, but this year it got new lease of life. Look at what Carol Reed did with astonishing Ming-green marble mosaic and the honed Calacatta tiles. Honestly, it doesn’t seem like a bathroom any more with these stunning sconces on the ceiling, it reminds me more of a hall in the Ice Quinn’s chateau.

What if you’re the man, who lives in the center of megametropolis, works in a huge company, eats in snooty restaurants, spends time with sophisticated friends in the most fashionable galleries of contemporary art, then you definitely will like the works designed by the Swedish trio Sofia Lagerkvist, Charlotte von der Lancken and Anna Lindgren. Personally, I was awe-striken by what they did with such a trivial thing as a shower head. At first sight it’s rough, rusty and very smart. It’s like taking a shower in a prison… or no… it’s more like taking a shower while getting new ideas to create eternal engine.

Shower designed by the Swedish trio Sofia Lagerkvist, Charlotte von der Lancken and Anna Lindgren

Shower designed by the Swedish trio Sofia Lagerkvist, Charlotte von der Lancken and Anna Lindgren

The next one must be the bathroom #1. To be honest I wouldn’t call it “a bath”, I would use it as a bed! Just take a look at it. The designer from Splinter Works, whose name is kept in secret, was inspired by the trivial hammock, while being on vacation somewhere on Hawaii. Not only the external shape looks so perfect, but the way the drainage problem is solved.
Unusual way to drain water

Unusual way to drain water

Anyways, another wonderful thing about this bath is the material it’s made of. Carbon fiber is valued for its inherent strength and ability to take complex shapes with variable curves. The manufacturer guarantees this bath will serve not less then 10 years and can provide baths in different colors.

Another significant change in the bathroom interior designs is the “green direction”. Going green is actually the main trend of a season. Dressing tables fabricated out of sustainably harvested wood, tabletops made out of recycled glass tiles only and the money saving low flow toilet. Isn’t it great? You can save money while pooping! So-called “eco-toilet” and I sincerely thank those engineers who designed this very modern, and I’m quite sure, the most fashionable 2013 -bathroom item.

money-saving low flow toilet

money-saving low flow toilet

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