Essence of Industrial Style in Interior Design

Industrial style is not only about the music composed out of mechanical sounds, it also comes to your home, making the usual furniture, you can’t imagine your life without, look chic and nobby. When Christopher Dresser combined prim and proper English style with traditional Japanese and introduced his square-like teapot to the public back in 1879, he turned the established image of the home comfort upside down. His ideas commenced the new era of Art and Design –  era of Industrial Style.

Teapot by Christopher Dresser, industrial style

Teapot by Christopher Dresser, industrial style

Rough and angular Industrial style became especially popular around 1960-s, when young artists started reconstructing the abandoned factory spaces for their art performances. Later these spaces, so-called “lofts”, were transformed to the living spots, which costs were sometimes unreasonably high. Nowadays you can easily make your condo look like styled-up workshop. Check out some tips that do not require much of financial expenses.

How to Embrace Industrial Style in Home Interior Design

1) Make an illusion of the coarse surface. The industrial design, unlike “high-tech”, doesn’t call for round corners, rather the rough ones. Moreover, it’s all about emphasizing them. Grained surfaces and rough finish should be emphasized in full.

Locker used as wardrobe

Locker used as wardrobe

Furniture designed in industrial style

Furniture designed in industrial style

2) Industrial design puts the things of the first need on the first place. For instance: plug sockets, switches, radiators, fire extinguishers, pipes and wires. All these things start playing a new role in your interior design and the right approach will definitely change the atmosphere in your apartment.

room at "Iron Horse" hotel

room at “Iron Horse” hotel

3) Mix up the styles. You’ll be surprised to find out that industrial-styled attributes look utterly chic and sophisticated in combination with expensive furniture, polished timber floor and cut-glass chandelier.

Attributes of Industrial Style in Interior Design

The major materials applied in industrial style are mostly rough and artificial, like glass, concrete, bricks. Heavy and hard metallic constructions are the indispensable part of design. Wall columns made out of copper frames, stairs with metal banisters and chrome surfaces are the most popular elements of the industrial interior.

"Radio Royaal" Restaraunt

“Radio Royaal” Restaraunt

The other very important thing is decoration. Anything that has unusual shape will fit in. Fantastic, surrealistic statues, sculptural compositions together with the most recent gadgets will make emphasis on your individuality.

Lighting. Whatever you want. The main purpose of lighting here is to put enough of light on the above described items.

Quite often designers use metallic tables, cast iron tiles for the flooring. Some people find this style uninhabitable, even wild, but still there are some individuals that find it to be very charming. You will definitely like it if you got tired of trite home ideas.

On the other hand, the industrial design is the easiest in terms of redecoration. The main idea behind industrial style in interior design is to show what your house is made from: the bricks, the concrete, ceiling beams, supports.

The moment your start changing your space in the industrial direction is the moment you start experiencing with your environment. Actually, nowadays there’s no “pure style”. It’s all about eclectic approach. Dare to try new things in old ways or old things in new ways. It must be lots of fun!

Table designed in industrial style

Table designed in industrial style

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