Equipping Your Walk In Closets

Walk in Closet
A walk in closet can become a perfect multifunctional zone by means of the smart combination of distinct elements and modules. The best way to make your wardrobe maximally ergonomical is using pull-out systems, which allow involving all the dinettes. Besides placing there crosspieces and shoe racks, consider assigning a zone for storing bulky items like an ironing board and a vacuum cleaner.

Tips on Equipping Your Walk In Closet

Middle zone of a walk in closet

Often a middle zone is the most enabled part of your wardrobe. It is equipped with distinct shelves, drawers and bars. Bars could be installed both parallel to the wall and perpendicular – it depends on the depth of the room.

As for shelves and pull-out drawers, they should be set up on the eye level. Consider alternatives with transparent front parts and net baskets, which allow seeing the contents of closed drawers.

Walk in Closet

Upper zone of a walk in closet

For an easy access to your items placed on the very top (so called an upper zone) of your closet, it is necessary to equip it with a movable ladder. With the help of this ladder you will be able to reach even the most hard-to-reach zones.

At a lower level you may set up a place for headwear: height of these shelves has to be at least 20 cm, while the depth should be approximately 25 cm.

Also in the upper zone you can put belongings, which you don’t use on regular basis or equip it with drawers intended for distinct small items. An alternative option would be using this zone for storing interseasonal shoes.

Walk in Closet

Ventilating of clothing in your wardrobe

One of the essential things is ventilating of your garments in order to avoid a musty smell. In case you have a roomy closet, venting shouldn’t be an issue to consider. However, if your walk in closet is not big enough, a problem with ventilating could be solved by installing extract ventilation.

This type of ventilation decreases a level of moisture, which will help you to steer clear of bad smell from your clothing. Besides you can equip with extract ventilation certain wardrobes for outwear and shoes. Another way to solve the problem of bed smell is using the comb drawers and net baskets for footwear.

Walk in Closet

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