Elegant Bedroom in Classy White

White Bedroom
Since a bedroom is quite an impassable area, an interior in elegant white color is a suitable option for this room. While a total white room might be too minimalist, it is essential to dilute it with a splash of color such as black, red or green that work best with a classy white and allow perfectly accentuating it. Everything depends on what attitude you want to bring into your bedroom.

How to Decorate a White Bedroom

Undertones of White

Keep in mind that white has a lot of undertones, which range from gray undertones to blue ones. So it is essential to keep to one undertone when creating an interior of your white bedroom so every décor element and furniture piece perfectly matches each other. In fact gray white will make your room appear smaller, so don’t choose it for a small bedroom.


Combining White with Pastels

White ideally works with pastel shades like cream or pink. In case you are looking for original alternatives, consider going for peach, cream or apricot with a shining effect. White chairs with a shiny upholster will bring a vibe of glamour and chic to your bedroom interior without overcrowding it with an alternative color.

White Bedroom

Statement Accents

Black and white color combination is a recognized classy alternative, which is never out of trend. You may replace a traditional black with charcoal, plum and chocolate. Ensure an accenting color works with a white hue. Statement accents especially stick out in white décor so it is essential to pick beautiful shades that will contrast with a main color in a wonderful way.

White Bedroom

White on White

It is hard to create a stylish and original white on white bedroom interior, but it is still possible. Simply go for a sculptural bed with a base made from wood or metal or consider a canopy bed. Beds with intricate and voluminous headboards and chic linens will work ideally for a total white bedroom. Another thing to consider – various textures that will add a depth to your white bedroom and make it one-of-a-kind.

White Bedroom


Don’t forget to accessorize your white bedroom with all kinds of drapes, décor elements, rugs, original pillows and ornate linens. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different fabrics and surfaces to come up with classy but original interior. White provides a myriad of design solutions even in a finished room interior: simply add bold accents like bright colored coverlet once you feel like your room requires a makeover.

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