Dining Room in Moroccan Style

Dining Room in Moroccan Style
Moroccan style tends to be often used in the interior design of contemporary houses and apartments. You can design an entire room in Moroccan style or simply add some accents that will bring a vibe of this style. In case you want to create a dining room with Moroccan elements, we came up with tips on incorporating some key elements of this distinctive style.

How to Create a Dining Room in Moroccan Style

Pendant lights in Moroccan interior

Traditional Moroccan pendant lights are offered in a great variety of shapes and sizes, but the most widespread option are the ones that resemble lanterns that could be either hanged in groups or singly.

Dining Room in Moroccan Style

Photo by Laura Umansky at Laura U, Inc.

Low furniture

Low-rise furniture is typical for an interior in Moroccan style. Plush pillows disposed on the luxurious carpet or rug should replace plain dining chairs that will fit a low-rise table in Moroccan style with a richly adorned design. All of that together will make up a cozy and lovely dining room.


If you are looking for creating a luxurious feel, but without going over the board, consider opting for a ceiling décor. All you need – an ornate pattern or tile that will bring a truly Moroccan vibe to the room. Keep the rest of the décor simple with only bright touches of burnt orange, red and cobalt blue.

Dining Room in Moroccan Style


A plush rug is another way to bring a Moroccan feel to your dining room interior. Opt for the rug that would match curtains and furniture. Rug in a contrasting hue is also an alternative to consider that will become an accent of the entire room.


Arches are strongly associated with a traditional Moroccan style and are often used for mimicking interiors seen in Morocco. You can incorporate arches into your dining room design with doorways and window frames.

Dining Room in Moroccan Style

Décor elements

The last but not the least are décor elements like vases, candlesticks, round mirrors in adorned frames, plates and lamps made from chased silver and bronze.

So, as we figured, there is a myriad of ways of bringing a Moroccan style to the dining room décor starting from ceiling to the décor elements like a rug.

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