Decorating Tips For A Romantic Bedroom

The bedroom is a very special place – it’s made for rest, sleep, and romance. Decoration plays an important role in the way your bedroom meets its main purpose so choosing the rights things can help you make the room cozy, elegant, and romantic.

Decorating ideas for a romantic bedroom

Romantic bedroom decorating

Romantic bedroom decorating ideas

Everybody has their own understanding of romance. For some a romantic bedroom is something royal with ruffles and frills, for some a romantic bedroom is something feminine with soft pinks and candles, and the others prefer minimalistic but elegant and tasteful bedrooms.

Here are some ideas to make you bedroom more romantic.

The view

Romantic bedroom overlooking an ocean

A bedroom overlooking an ocean

Some bedrooms are so perfectly romantic there’s no need to change anything at all. Lucky you if your bedroom overlooks an ocean, lake, river, mountains, forest or something similarly beautiful, you don’t really have to add any other romantic touch. Just draw back the curtains, and voilà!

Color Scheme

Cpolor scheme decorating tips for a romantic bedrooms

A Romantic bedroom in ice-cream colors

A romantic bedroom can’t be garishly decorated. Use subtle and soft colors, pastels and pales. Ice-cream color scheme (chocolate, strawberry and vanilla) is timeless and always romantic.

Walls shouldn’t be very bright to overpower the space. The same can be said about bedcovers.

Romantic Details

Flowers add more romance to a bedroom

Freshly cur flowers in the bedroom

Details are crucially important. Cleverly positioned romantic accents are a powerful tool of creating an overall romantic atmosphere.

Think about freshly cut flowers (roses, lilies, lavender and lilacs are great), vintage chandeliers and photo frames. One of the best ways to create a romantic atmosphere is to have a mirror in your bedroom. It doesn’t have to be huge. Similarly, it doesn’t have to be attached to the ceiling, but having a mirror can certainly spice things up.

Romantic Furniture

A white chaise lounge with tiny pillows makes a bedroom romantic

A chaise lounge makes any bedroom more romantic

Furniture is important for any room, and the bedroom is no exception. Don’t have a lot of furniture in the bedroom – you should be able to move around. Think of romantic furniture items like, for example, a chaise lounge.
Canopy over the bed makes a bedroom more romantic

A bed with light and flowing canopy

You can also decorate your bed with a canopy – make it light and flowing to add more romance to the room.


Bedside lamps for a romantic bedroom

Bedside lamps make a bedroom more romantic

There are some lighting rules you need to follow to create a romantic bedroom. The most important one is try to avoid overhead lighting. It can be good in other rooms but it’s absolutely unnecessary in the bedroom. Overhead lighting kills the romance the same way it kills shadows.

Instead, opt for soft and filtered light to create a romantic glow in the room. Use bedside lamps with pink-tinted bulbs – they create a romantic atmosphere and simply make everybody look good.


Fur bedcover creates a romantic atmosphere in the bedroom

Fur bedcover in the bedroom

Use different textures for an extra dose of tactile delight. Use rugs to make the flooring feel warm underfoot, fur rugs can also work. Mix fabrics and textures to make the room more visually attractive.

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