Decorating Your Interior With Photos

The interior looks more alive, when it is decorated with paintings or photographs. Even the most modest picture will turn into a masterpiece if you give it a worthy frame. In this post, you will learn how with the help of paintings and photos you can revive your interior using minimum amount of money and effort.

How to Use Photos in Your Interior

Divide a photo into several pieces and put them in separate frames. You can increase the image in length or height. A dachshund will become longer, and a tree will seem taller. The main thing is to choose a suitable plot.

Decorate Walls with Photos

You can visually expand a narrow opening of with some close-up photographs. Fruits, flowers or butterflies are the ideal objects for such photos. Some abstract photos containing horizontal stripes will also do well.

Photo Wallpaper in Bedroom

Photo wallpapers with images of nature are the best choice for the bedroom. Limit the space of the picture, but not with a frame, but rather with a glazed and smooth plywood surface, and put on self-adhesive wallpapers. For a smooth, blending and calm interior, choose photos which match the color of walls and furniture.

Hang images of landscapes and urban landscapes on one wall. If you don’t want specks on the pictures behind the glass, don’t hang them on the wall opposite from the window. Hang them on the side walls.

Photos in Interior Design

All of us know that truly beautiful paintings are expensive and require a lot of training to paint them yourselves. Get nearly real paintings by printing colored photos on canvas.

Brackets hold the frame at a distance from the wall and it seems like the frame is floating in the air. Place anything that you like inside, and it will look like an art object. It will look even more impressive if the object and frame will be of contrasting colors.

The professional design which is used in galleries is aluminum frames and passe-partout made of white cardboard. Pictures are “deep” and look as if sinking into the frame. Use this technique and turn your room into a gallery!

Individual approach is important when selecting any of the details, including the framework for a photo. If the frame is of the same color or shade as one of it in the picture, it will look very effective.

Here is another experiment for you: hang a desk from cork and pin on it photos of the things you want, want to do, in other words, pictures of your wishes. Not only will it attract everyone’s attention and bring some cheerfulness to the interior, but as psychologists say, by visualizing your dreams and wishes, you actually dramatically increase the chance of their realization.


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