Secrets of Styling Chic Bedroom

Chic Bedroom
Chic bedroom calls for a sophisticated and classy interior. Chic bedroom is a perfect way to demonstrate an exceptional sense of style of the owner. An interior of a chic bedroom should be based on clean lines and insignificant contrast of shades. Small details and elements should be taken into consideration for adding an elegant vibe to the interior of your chic bedroom. Let’s figure what are the ways to make your bedroom look chic.

How to Make a Chic Bedroom


Come up with an elegant color scheme. Opt for the shades that allow emphasizing furnishings and adding a classy touch to a room. Colors like beige, taupe, ivory and light gray will work perfectly. Make sure to bring accent colors like bright shades of pink, blue, green, red and orange in order to intensify the subtle base colors.

Another way to add sophistication to your room is introducing a pattern or print. That could be a bold rug, floral printed wallpaper or even a statement headboard. Traditional stripe, polka dot, floral print and chevron will definitely add character to your bedroom.

Chic Bedroom


Beautiful curtains can instantly uplift the overall interior of your bedroom. One-color curtains in a bright hue allow creating a chic vibe and attracting attention to the windows. Roman blinds are a worthy alternative to curtains. Made from soft materials, they form elegant pleats when being raised. Besides looking classy and chic, Roman blinds will protect your room from sunlight penetration.

Focal Point

Discover a focal point of your bedroom, which should be decorated with accessories to attract more attention. For example, if you choose a fireplace to be a focal point of your bedroom, complement its mantle with different figurines and statuettes. In case your bed should serve as a focal point, use oversized pillows and a coverlet in bright hues with bold patterns.

Chic Bedroom


When choosing bedroom furniture, opt for objects with sleek lines. A bed in a canopy style with thin posts is an ideal option for a chic bedroom. Make it even more classy by adding a lightweight fabric on the top. A traditional bed with a statement headboard is a worthy alternative to the canopy bed.


A bedroom bench is one of those elements that determinate a chic bedroom. You can either choose exquisite tufted end benches or simply opt for the printed ones. The same applies to style: since they are offered in great variety of styles, sizes and colors, you can choose either a bench in art deco style of in vintage one.


Mirrors and Lighting

Both lighting and mirrors are widely used in chic bedroom interior, since they are able to add a character to your room. Besides, mirrors are a perfect way to visually increase your room. A beautiful cut-glass chandelier as well as night table lamps with a bold design will immediately enhance the overall look of your bedroom, while a large mirror placed in a carved frame will add the finishing touches.

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