How to Create Sexy Bedroom

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Bedroom is the place where you get to spend the most time together with your significant other. Besides being a spot for sleeping, it is also intended for snuggling and intimate moments. With our useful guide you will learn how to decorate your bedroom to create a sexy ambiance.

How to Decorate Sexy Bedroom

Be Dramatic

Don’t fear to bring a bit of drama to the walls by using the rich shades like coral red or chocolate brown. This way you will create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. However you will need to balance an intense color with a light-colored headboard. Consider mimicking the wall color in the throw pillows.

Brown Bedroom

Soft Touches

If you are looking for creating an appease atmosphere in your bedroom, simply cozy it up using soft bed sheets in romantic baby blue, taupe gray or Persian pink. Hang the matching window treatments: the longer are the curtains, the taller your room appears. Complement a bedroom interior with a cozy rug, consider one made from sheepskin or shag, so when you step on the floor, your feet will feel utterly soft.

  Brown Bedroom

Chic Coverlet

As we mentioned above, opt for soft beddings, on which you will want to sleep an entire night. Sheets with a 500 thread count are more than enough, so don’t pay more for sheets that are above that. Make sure to complement the bed décor with toss pillows and a chic coverlet, fluffy duvet or cotton quilt.

Brown Bedroom

Tender Lighting

In order to create an intimate atmosphere in your bedroom, it is essential to use dimmers. They can be used for all types of lights starting from ceiling lights to the table lamps.

Brown Bedroom

Mimic Hotel-Room Style

Consider placing a chair in a corner of your bedroom in order to make it appear bigger. Besides, it can serve as a place for tossing your garments in surge of passion. A chic alternative to a chair can become an upholstered bench. A headboard is another thing to add to your bedroom when creating a hotel suite-like room.

Brown Bedroom

Bold Accents

It is essential to supply your bedroom with beautiful decorative elements that will gladden your eye once you wake up. You may use a beautiful artwork, huge vase or an antique statuette. Don’t be afraid of displaying your beloved items like a bright-colored gift box along with photo frames, glasswork, etc.

Brown Bedroom

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