Closet as Part of Room: Pros and Cons

Along with independent walk in closets, there is another worthy alternative – build-in closet, which is a part of a room. It could be set up in the living room, bedroom and even in the entryway. Closets of this type are usually isolated by mobile or stationary screens. As for doors, they are either of sliding or harmonica type. As a rule, swing doors are not used for such closets since they require some space for free opening.

Pros and Cons of a Fitted Closet

Pros of a built-in closet

Built-in closet could be set up in any needless space: for instance, a free room under the stairs, a corner of a bedroom and a part of a hallway.

As a rule, such closets occupy a relatively small amount of space (their floor space could start from 2 square meters) that’s why they could be easily installed in any room.

Built-in Closet

Looking for ways to conceal uneven walls and fallen off plaster? Simply place a closet in this place.

By assigning a corner in your room for a closet, you can get premises of a proper shape, which is easier to furnish.

Built-in Closet

Cons of a built-in closet

One of the major minuses of a fitted wardrobe is bad sound absorption: not likely you will be able to try on ten shirts and dozen pairs of shoes in case your spouse sleeps in the same room.

Built-in wardrobes couldn’t be used as a fitting room. Besides, I don’t think you will be able to accomodate in it such bulky items as an ironing board and skis.

Built-in Closet

Being located in close proximity to the living room leads to dust penetration inside the closet, which is a rare thing when it comes to independent wardrobe.

Ideas of Build-In Closets

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