How To Choose Ideal Chandelier

Nowadays, the stores offer a great number of chandeliers of different sizes, styles and textures. But this does not mean that choosing the right chandelier for you and your home will be easy. On the contrary, a broad choice can make you feel complicated. In this post, you will learn about one of the most important things to consider when choosing a chandelier.

Important Features of Chandeliers

Choose lamp

For a start, you need to decide what kind of lamps you will use for your chandelier. Pay attention to the socket for lamps. Sometimes there are non-standard sockets in the chandeliers, which are later difficult to find.

Depending on the power of chandelier and each of the light bulbs separately, the power of lighting can vary significantly. There are several types of light bulbs: incandescent, halogen, fluorescent, led and reflector lamps.

Harmonizing with the interior

When choosing chandelier, take into account the color tone of the interior of the apartment. For light interiors, chandeliers with less power will suit better than for a dark scheme.

Choice of chandeliers depends on the size of the room. Large chandeliers are suitable for high premises. If you have a low ceiling, a long chandelier hung in a room will not fit, but a compact chandelier with one or two lampshades or a built-in lamp will.

Materials and lampshades

Basically, chandeliers are made of metal, glass, plastic or wood. These materials are easier to clean than silk or paper lampshades, and they will serve longer. Chandeliers made of fabric are flammable and are short-lived.

But do not forget about the comfort, which lampshades from silk or paper and their ease create.

Correct selection of the lampshade brings out the room in its best way. A dull light soothes the colors of walls.

The size of the lampshade depends on the size of the room. In spacious rooms it is better hang a big lampshade. For a room with a smaller area be careful when choosing the lampshade, because a big one will only mark out the small size of the room.

How To Choose A Chandelier: Lampshade

Types of chandelier

Chandeliers can be pendant and overhead.

Classic chandeliers are usually made in the form of a pendant. In a small room they will look bulky, but in a large one such chandeliers are a real luxurious decoration. Chandeliers with horns are more suitable for large rooms with high ceilings. Therefore it is best to hang such a chandelier in the hall, the living room or bedroom.

How To Choose A Chandelier

Overhead chandeliers are one or more lampshades, suspended on a chain, spring or fishing line. Overhead will look good in the kitchen, in the corridor or in a living room in a contemporary style.

How To Choose A Chandelier: Overhead Chandelier

In a room with a low ceiling a classical chandelier will take up too much space. Overhead chandeliers can be made in the form of plates or small bowls. Such types are recommended for installation in small rooms with low ceilings or children’s rooms, because the child will not be able to reach it.

Keep in mind, that the brighter the color of the lampshade, the less light it passes.

However, you need to carefully choose the power of the light bulbs. For a concrete ceiling, any power will be fine. But if you have a hinged or wooden ceiling, it is safer to install fluorescent or halogen lamps, which emit less heat.

Choose the color of the chandelier

Yellow is the most optimal color, it stimulates the pupil and less tires out the eye.

White creates a sense of daylight, increases efficiency.

Red is an exciting color, it increases the blood pressure.

Orange is «delicious», speeds up the heart rate, so it will be appropriate in the kitchen.

Green is the most pleasant to the eye. Reduces pressure, soothes, and it is easy to both work and rest with this color.

Sky blue slows down the breath, reduces the pressure. Good color for bedrooms.

Blue is oppressing and may even slow you down.

Purple is also oppressing and irritates the nervous system.

Remember that chandeliers with colored glass will create a color luminescence, so all things, wallpaper and furniture may change their color. These chandeliers are best to be avoided. For the same reason, avoid chandeliers which give shade.

How To Choose A Chandelier: Overhead Chandelier

In the children’s rooms don’t use chandeliers with a glass lampshades. They will crash eventually. Best of all are overhead chandeliers with a minimum of glass parts. In the bathrooms, use only completely closed chandeliers and lamps in a waterproof housing.


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