How to Add Casual Feel into Your Interior

How great it is to come home, take off your high heels, the formal clothes and put on your comfortable slippers, soft fluffy sweater and a pair of jeans. This sense of reliable cosiness, comfort, freedom, a truly home and relaxing environment can be provided by an interior in an elegant negligence casual style. To make the interior of your house calm, as comfortable as possible, but not boring, use casual style, which represents something average between the American rustic country style and the European domestic style.

Implement Casual Style in Your Interior

In architecture and interior design, casual is, first of all, freedom. Freedom of perception of space, light, colors and objects. This is a conscious choice of everyday comfort and luxury feelings. The furniture in such an interior is soft and comfortable, with lots of colored pillows and handmade jewelry. Solid furniture surfaces are usually made from oak or pine, although it also applies modern, transparent plastic or even glass. All the details are simple,lines are straight and surfaces are matte. In a casual interior, you can also use contemporary, convenient and comfortable wicker furniture. A rocking chair, a convenient mini sofa, hanging swing will be more than suitable here. How to Add Casual Feel into Your Interior: Living Room in Pastel Shades


Brown, beige, grey, milky-white, pale green, pink colors and shades are the main for this style, they soothe and attract with their noble texture, no wonder this style is called “shabby chic”. Although bright colors for accessories and small textile items are not excluded. Fabrics used in this style are mostly natural, such as cotton, flax, wool. But an admixture of synthetic yarns is possible for the revival of the look and for practical reasons. For the design of windows use simple materials, which are often made in multiple layers. For a contrast, they can be collected and tied up by a ribbon. Luxurious carpets for the casual style are irrelevant. The interior is much more suited for long-woven strip of carpet with a geometric pattern. And even if you use a carpet, then only with a small pile and a colorful floral pattern or with the image of birds. How to Add Casual Feel into Your Interior: Living Room with Ethnic Motifs


Chandeliers and lamps in a casual interior are forged, with the imitation of candles and fabric lamp shades, which are a symbol of cosiness and warmth, attract attention and are more suitable for a cozy atmosphere. Sconces and lamps fitted with natural candles will give bedrooms an unusual and romantic look. How to Add Casual Feel into Your Interior: Living Room in Rustic Style

Additional decorations

Anything which is in the house becomes a decorative addition to the interior in the casual style. These are pillows, books, boxes, souvenirs, antiques. On the walls can be art works on random topics or hand-made wooden craftworks. And, of course, a multitude of living flowers as a contrast to old wood and metal. No matter how boring it sounds, but our house is our fortress, which protects us from all the storms and troubles of the world, and to bring into it a more homely atmosphere, the warm, cozy and welcoming casual style can help you.

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    Pillows are actually the best way to make any interior relaxed, casual and comfy. I wonder why you didn’t mention it in your post.

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