Budget-Friendly Tips for Decorating Your Bed

Bright BedGone are the days when a bedroom was considered to be a private room, which should be away from prying eyes. Today you can actually have a trendy bed, which could be a full element of your bedroom design.
Major part of bed trends come from hotel industry. During the last 10 years beds became a key selling point of hotels. While the beds in hotels tend to become bigger in sizes and more comfortable, they also acquired “hotel look” appearance. We propose the striking, but yet budget-friendly ideas of dressing up your bed to make it a focal point of your bedroom.

How to Dress up Your Bed on a Budget

Luckily, there is a range of easy and budget-friendly ways to replicate the hotel bed look. Sure, you can opt for the sheet made from luxurious silk and Egyptian cotton, but it is not obligatory. Everyone who enters your room will barely see your sheets and blankets, so this is where you can cut costs when creating a beautiful bed. Consider opting for the sheets in neutral shades and complementing blankets with a shinning effect.

Luxurious Bed

Then choose the duvet cover or coverlet based on the overall style of your room. This is the point where you can let your fantasy go wild, however don’t forget about your budget and go for solid colors.

Pillows are the key element of any bed that are able to bring a luxurious feel to it as well as the designer coverlet placed at the edge of a bed. In case you can afford it, consider buying an exquisite coverlet in bright hue. However, you may save on a coverlet by purchasing a couple yards of fabric that suits your room décor and putting a hem around it, then simply fold for a coverlet-like look.

Stylish Bed

Make sure to accentuate your bed with pillows, which could vary in terms of color, size and shape. Purchase cheap pillows in the store and create covers that will match your coverlet or the room interior.

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