Brilliant DIY Ideas for Baby Nursery

As a rule new moms are constrained by money as a major part of a budget is spent on furniture, strollers, clothes and other necessities. That’s where DIY projects come in handy. We bring you easy to make DIY baby nursery decorating projects that won’t take a lot of time.

DIY Ideas for Kid’s Room

Wall Stickers

In case you are limited in time, a perfect way to add a pop of color into a nursery interior is using wall stickers. Try to keep the rest of a room in neutral palette.

Kids' Room Decor: Wall Stickers

Kids’ Room Decor: Wall Stickers

Photo Collage

Gather together the most striking and fun photos of your baby or pictures and create a collage. Make sure to frame it and hang above the baby crib.

Kids' Room Decor: Framed Pictures

Kids’ Room Decor: Framed Pictures


Consider stencils for painting certain words or pictures on the walls. It can be baby’s name or your favorite phrase.

Kids' Room Decor: Stencils

Kids’ Room Decor: Stencils


In case the curtains you like are priced too high or you cannot find ones with a perfect pattern, simply sew them yourself.

Kids' Room Decor: Curtains

Kids’ Room Decor: Curtains


This colorful mobile is not only easy to make, but also very fun and original.

Kids' Room Decor: DIY Mobile

Kids’ Room Decor: DIY Mobile


Decals can replace wall stickers as they are easy to remove and last longer period of time. Vinyl decals can adorn furniture pieces, walls, windows and mirrors.

Kids' Room Decor: Decals

Kids’ Room Decor: Decals


Wall letter is a modern and chic way to decorate a baby nursery. It can be a baby’s name or initials, parents’ names, etc. You can order custom made plastic letters of purchase pre-made wooden ones in craft stores. You can easily personalize these letters using buttons, paint, fabrics, crystals, ribbons, etc.

Kid's Room: DIY Decor Letters

Kid’s Room: DIY Decor Letters

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